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20 Great WTF Movies You Might Not Have Seen

15 April 2013 | Features, Film Lists | by David Zou

WTF movies

The movie world never lacks weirdness. This is a list that consists of movies that made you yell “WTF” in the middle of watching them. Movies like Holy Motors, Naked Lunch, Donnie Darko, Jacob’s Ladder are not on this list because they are so famous that we believe most of you have seen them. Here we try to introduce great WTF movies that you have never seen, or even heard of, well, at least most of them.


20. Kill List


The WTF Movie: Ben Wheatley’s second film starts as Mike Leigh style domestic satire, turns into ultra-violent hitman thriller and then really starts to get weird.

The WTF Moment: Hitmen Jay and Gal interrupt a pagan sacrifice, and the masked cult swarms after them into their escape tunnel.


19. Weekend


The WTF Movie: Jean-Luc Godard gets dark with the fable of a bourgeois couple who take a road trip to kill the woman’s parents for their money, only to be beset by endless car crashes and a commune of Marxist cannibals.

The WTF Moment: Trying to leave Paris, the couple is caught in traffic – an eight-minute tracking shot full of strangeness.


18. Little Otik


The WTF Movie: Jan Švankmajer’s surreal cult film about a couple who decide to raise a tree stump as their child, only to find it coming to life.

The WTF Moment: Otik reveals an insatiable appetite by chomping on its mother’s hair and everything else.


17. The 5,000 Fingers Of Dr T


The WTF Movie: Dr Seuss wrote this kids’ nightmare about a boy forced to join 499 other children at the keys of a mad teacher’s giant piano.

The WTF Moment: The Elevator Song, sung by an operator dressed as an executioner who offers such delights as “assorted simple tortures, molten lead, chopping blocks and hot boiling oil.”

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  • Rivethead

    The author needs to watch Eraserhead and Jacob’s Ladder. Those deserve spots on this list list more than some of the movies listed.

    • Mark Harding

      Not to mention Cronenberg’s Naked Lunch.

      • Rivethead

        Ah, yes. That is a good one. I had forgotten about that movie.

    • Jon ‘Jonny’ Preece

      the whole list could be lynch movies

  • Steven Flores

    I’ve seen films on that list. Some of the ones I haven’t seen are in my watchlist.

  • Jon ‘Jonny’ Preece

    no “erazerhead”?! or my personal fave “im a cyborg but thats ok”

  • Pierre Borg

    I hate it when websites with genuinely interesting content pull out bullshit like having it on 5 or more pages when it could easily be 2 or 3

    • william jerome sperber

      I couldn’t agree more.

  • callmeishmael

    what no Un Chien Andalou? that film is litreally designed to be WTF

  • Mike White

    I saw them all. Do I get a prize? How many different variations of this same list does this site host?

  • Douglas Kolacki

    Ken Russell’s Tommy belongs on this list. The WTF moment: Ann-Margaret hallucinates wallowing in a sea of baked beans…

  • Douglas Kolacki

    And I just remembered “One Day Like Rain.” Even more of a head-scratcher than Donnie Darko.