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20 Worst Trailers That Secretly Ruined The Movie

18 July 2013 | Features, Other Lists | by David Zou


What is going to compel me to see a movie is not necessarily knowing the synopsis, not that synopses are innocent of giving away too much (far too often on the back of a film you are told not just the first act break but the second also). What will compel me is getting a sense of the tone of the film with some compelling images that make me wonder “What’s that about? I have to see that!”

However, many trailers made the mistakes of giving away too much information and literally ruined the movie for us. Here are some notable examples of such trailers.


20. The Last House On The Left

The Spoilers: The entire film, right down to how chief villain Garret Dillahunt is dispatched. Presumably, the makers figured audiences would pay simply for the rape and revenge.

How They Should’ve Sold It: End on a cliffhanger as the parents discover who their new house guests are.


19. Rope

The Spoilers: A typically sly Hitchcock trailer with specially shot material gives away to a spoilerific recap of the film’s last act.

How They Should’ve Sold It: Do the whole trailer straight-to-camera and dispense with any footage from the film.


18. From Dusk Till Dawn

The Spoilers: Ooh, that’s a cool looking crime thriller. Oh, hang on, it’s a cool looking vampire thriller.

How They Should’ve Sold It: Use the trailer to tease the mid-film genre rug-pull, so that everybody thinks they’re watching a cool looking crime thriller until the dying seconds of the trailer.


17. The Negotiator

The Spoilers: Jackson vs Spacey? Hell yeah… Until Spacey says, “Now you’re gonna have to deal with both of us,” and reveals they end up working together.

How They Should’ve Sold It: Simple. Jackson vs Spacey.

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