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20 Weirdest Documentaries You Probably Haven’t Seen

28 May 2013 | Features, Film Lists | by David Zou

weird documentaries

While most Hollywood screenwriters are having a hard time searching for adaptable source materials and creating original ideas, documentary directors don’t have much to worry. Living in this bizarre world, one can easily find stranger-than-fiction stories everywhere. Making it into a documentary is a guarantee of dramatic plot and interesting characters. So if you are tired of Hollywood’s endless sequels, why not shift your attention to a field where originality is never a problem?

Here are 20 weirdest documentaries you might have never seen before, and I bet you will be interested in some of the stories and characters after reading the list.


20. Cinemania


The Documentary: A look at a community of movie buffs in New York City who do almost nothing except watch films – often at the cost of their jobs and social lives.

You Couldn’t Make It Up: Most of the subjects of the documentaries watch at least five films a day, and between 600 and 2,000 a year.


19. A Certain Kind of Death


The Documentary: An unsettling, often upsetting look at what happens to people who die and have no next of kin to take care of their affairs.

You Couldn’t Make It Up: So what happens to them? Well, their assets all go to the local officials, and are controlled by bureaucrats who sell them off in order to pay for the body’s burial.


18. Into The Abyss


The Documentary: Werner Herzog examines America’s death row, speaking with inmate Michael Perry and the people who will eventually put him to death.

You Couldn’t Make It Up: One of Herzog’s interviewees discusses being stabbed, shot at and more – and somehow surviving. Jaws will drop.


17. Catfish


The Documentary: Ariel Schulman and his friend Henry Joost decide to film Ariel’s brother Nev, who goes to meet a woman he’s befriended on Facebook – with surprising results.

You Couldn’t Make It Up: Ah, that would spoil the film’s final twist. Just watch it for yourself – you won’t be disappointed.

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  • Steven Flores

    I’ve seen My Best Fiend. In fact, I have that film on the Herzog-Kinski boxset. I’ve heard some of these films as the I want to see most is that Bob Flanagan doc as he appeared in the NIN video “Happiness in Slavery”.

  • Eduard Korhonen

    Catfish was fake

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