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20 Weird Movie Scenes You Totally Didn’t See Coming

10 May 2013 | Features, Other Lists | by David Zou

weird movie scenes

People watch movies for all sorts of different reasons. Sometimes, you want to watch a movie that will make you laugh. Sometimes, you want a movie to make you cry, or have to activate your brain to figure out what’s going on.

It’s rarer that people choose movies specifically for the reason that they’re weird. The movies on this list, for the most part, aren’t so over-the-top that you’ll have to stop in the middle and make sure that your head is screwed on straight. Instead, they are scenes with just enough oddity to intrigue and entertain us, without taking us too far over the edge.


20. An American Werewolf In London


The Scene: A deliriously nutso dream sequence in which David Kessler imagines the hospital under attack from a horde of gun-toting mutant Nazis!

The Weird: You might have been expecting werewolves. You almost certainly wouldn’t have expected the above!


19. Natural Born Killers


The Scene: The diner sequence, in which Mickey and Mallory lay waste to a posse of rednecks in supremely grisly style.

The Weird: As the camera lurches woozily around the diner, rapidly flipping between colour and black and white, you can tell that a storm is brewing. And when it finally arrives, its quite the head-rush!


18. Requiem For A Dream


The Scene: Sara hallucinates that she’s watching herself compete on her favourite game show, while her fridge steadily makes its way from the kitchen towards her armchair.

The Weird: Things get increasingly upsetting as Sara’s fragile grasp on reality steadily begins to ebb away, and her fantasy life comes ramming into her consciousness with extreme prejudice.


17. Being John Malkovich


The Scene: If the idea of a portal that allows one to experience the world as John Malkovich sees it wasn’t weird enough what would happen if Malkovich himself went through said portal?

The Weird: Charlie Kaufman is in possession of a rare imagination indeed. Malkovich Malkovich, Malkovich!

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  • WoWed

    that gene wilder speech during the boat ride still gives me goosebumps

    • jayman419

      Along with the realization that there weren’t any extra seats.

  • Matthew French

    Pan’s Labyrinth, when Vidal kills a resistance guy with a broken bottle. Up until then you assume the film is like a kids fantasy.

  • Brainlock

    Lebowski dream sequence – everything happening in the dream has been referenced and built up to by that point in the movie, including Saddam.

    as you said: “Stay n school, kids!”[sic]

  • dreamycreamy

    “Watching a sex scene from inside a woman’s body as the camera follows the semen’s journey to the ovum, is quite an experience…”

    meh, just a normal hentai day.

  • erdem kara

    Chest defibrilation scene from The Thing 1982 is pretty Weird and stupid also disgusting too

  • Nathan Falldorf

    Most Kubrick films have a WTF moment, kind of like the ending to Space Odyssey 2001 when suddenly a plethora of colors and images with crazy sounds happening and there really is no explanation except what the viewer can make of it.