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20 Weird Movie Haircuts That Are Impossible To Forget

17 September 2013 | Features, Other Lists | by David Zou

weird haircut

Most of the time we don’t care about the character’s haircut in movies, but sometimes the hairstyle of a certain role is so weird that it looks like he/she never got the time to go to the hairdressers. Here are 20 terribly wrong haircuts that are almost impossible to forget.


20. Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory


The Haircut: A styled green marshmallow of hair atop the head of a very orange Oompa Loompa.

Weirdest Detail: The green hair is clearly a dye job – it doesn’t match the Loompas’ lightning-white eyebrows. Clear sign of dyeage.

Does It Work? The nutty hairdo definitely gives the Oompa Loompas an other-worldy feel – though we’re sure that it’s Willy Wonka’s dodgy fashion tips that have led to this look.


19. Dumb & Dumber


The Haircut: Another self-cutter (or self-trimmer?), Lloyd’s the only one who can be held responsible for this own dreadful skull-hugger.

Weirdest Detail: The fringe, which seems to be defying gravity with its haughty upward gradient.

Does It Work? If he’s stood next to buddy Harry, who looks more than a bit like Chewbacca, we’re sure nobody would notice.


18. Being John Malkovich


The Haircut: Not quite the usual perky blonde look we know Cameron Diaz for, but instead a frumpy, wild tumbleweed of hair.

Weirdest Detail: It’s not really sure what it is either, is it? There are curls, and it seems to want to be a mullet, but this hair is having a massive crisis of identity.

Does It Work? Diaz’s character is meant to be a bit kooky (if having transgender desires really classifies one as kooky), so it sort of works. Ish.


17. JFK


The Haircut: More floaty cloud hair (seriously, was this EVER actually in fashion?).

Weirdest Detail: Tommy Lee Jones is desperately trying to resemble the real Clay Shaw, but it just looks wrong all over.

Does It Work? As a weird insight into how Jones could possibly end up looking in 20 years time, maybe. As a fashion statement? Hell to the no.

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