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20 Things You Didn’t Know About Jennifer Lawrence

02 March 2013 | Features, People Lists | by David Zou


What’s the secret of becoming famous overnight in Hollywood? Right now, the new Oscar Best Actress Jennifer Lawrence is probably the most eligible person to answer this question: You need supreme acting talent, down-to-Earth behaviour and general likeable klutziness.

Here’s 20 facts about the biggest star in Hollywood that might also give you some clues to her overnight success.


1. Jennifer Is a natural blonde. She dyed her hair brown for her role in The Hunger Games.



2. Her father owns a construction company and her mother runs a summer camp. Jennifer has said that they were dead against her taking up acting. She told Canada’s The Globe and Mail: ‘My parents were the exact opposite of stage parents. They did everything in their power to keep it from happening.’

Jennifer Lawrence parents


3. She was voted by her class as ‘Most Talkative’.

jennifer laerence david letterman


4. One of her first acting breaks came in a promo for MTV’s spoilt teenager fest My Super Sweet Sixteen. As you can see here, Jen’s come a long way.


5. Lawrence has a caring side, serving as an assistant nurse in a children’s day camp before becoming a star.


6. She’s no fan of the Kardashians. “I was watching the Kardashian girl getting divorced and that’s a tragedy for anyone. But they’re using it for entertainment, and we’re watching it. The books hold up a terrible kind of mirror: This is what our society could be like if we became desensitized to trauma and to each other’s pain,” the Silver Linings Playbook star told Parade.



7. Despite now arguably being the world’s best actress, she’s never taken an acting class, “I never did theatre or took classes, which I think has helped me. I just had instincts and they were right,” the star told Canada’s The Globe and Mail.


8. Jennifer was discovered by a photographer while visiting New York with her mum in 2005, which led to her landing an agent.


9. The squirrel she cuts open in Winter’s Bone is real. What a badass.

Jennifer Lawrence squirrel


10. Appeared in two Sundance Grand Jury Prize winners in a row: Winter’s Bone (2010) and Like Crazy (2011).

Like Crazy - Jennifer Lawrence

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