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20 Terrible Posters For Great Movies

14 June 2013 | Features, Other Lists | by David Zou

terrible movie posters

A movie poster is a poster used to advertise a movie, it should put everything catchy on it to sell the movie. Big stars, witty taglines and unforgettable visual styles should work well.

The last thing you want from a designer is a dull, confusing and terribly-executed poster. However, this even happens to some of the great movies, the investors should feel lucky that the movie is good enough to sell itself.

Let’s take a look at 20 terrible posters designed for great movies, feel free to vote for your “favorite” here.


20. Warrior


The Poster: Tom Hardy looks beaten the heck up, while Joel Edgerton attempts to get him help. All very dramatic.

Worst Detail: Talk about spoilers. The movie spends most of its run-time questioning whether Edgerton will return to the ring… The poster reveals that he does.


19. Garden State


The Poster: Zach Braff, Natalie Portman and Peter Sarsgaard don bin bags and scream out their rage.

Worst Detail: Alright, it’s a scene from the film, but… what? If you’ve not seen the film, it’ll put you right off.


18. No Country For Old Men


The Poster: Somebody in jeans and a cowboy shirt is holding a rifle. Though you’ll have to look hard to even figure that much out.

Worst Detail: It goes for mysterious and reticent, but just comes off dull.


17. Magnolia


The Poster: A flower, with some blurry, barely visible images of actors superimposed onto the petals.

Worst Detail: We know PT Anderson likes to do things differently, but if you’re going to leave your biggest star off the poster, it might be an idea to at least let us make out the images of the actors you’ve decided to go with. Nice idea, poorly executed.

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  • vangpo

    Actually, The Blues Brothers poster is pretty cool.

  • Rob Hruska

    Uh, that “The Shining” poster is iconic. Fail.

  • chewie402

    That Christine poster isn’t from the American release of the film

  • minecraft555

    that one for x men first class looks like a giant Xavier faced dick

  • WoWed

    really, what else could you have put on the poster for rocky horror picture show? it’s perfect for that film. hell, i might say it’s the best movie poster ever.