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20 Terrible Movies That Should Have Been Awesome

21 July 2013 | Features, Film Lists | by David Zou

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So many times a trailer comes out for a new movie and it looks like it’s going to be awesome – and then it sucks big time. All the buzz, all the teasers, all the press counted for squat when you actually sat in the theater for two hours as an overhyped piece of drivel flashed before your eyes.

Often these movies are sequels to a really great franchise, but sometimes these losers hang solo. Either way, it sucks getting stuck with a stinker.


20. AVP: Alien vs Predator


The Movie: Paul W.S. Anderson pits two of cinema’s most venerated beasts against each other, but ends up with a damp squib of a face-off that covers neither combatant in glory.

What They Should Have Done: The movie’s main attraction is the clash between the titular creatures, so if that doesn’t deliver, you’ve had it. Surely we could have been treated to something better than two blokes staggering around in prosthetics, struggling to maintain their balance let alone serve each other with an ass-kicking? Poor.


19. I Am Legend


The Movie: Francis Lawrence’s adaptation of Richard Matheson’s novel is genuinely frightening for the first hour or so… and then the vampires come out to play. And it all goes downhill from there.

What They Should Have Done: They should have continued playing to the film’s strengths, showing Will Smith’s mental decline whilst keeping his blood-sucking aggressors cloaked in darkness for as long as possible. And they also should have stuck to the ending of the book. This was so nearly great…


18. Hulk


The Movie: Ang Lee deserves praise for attempting to approach a comic-book movie as a character study, but the finished article falls awkwardly between two stools. On the one hand it falls short in its examination of the human side of Bruce Banner’s split-personality, and on the other, it’s not nearly entertaining enough to keep the multiplex crowd from growing restless. A valiant effort, but a flawed one.

What They Should Have Done: More action was called for, with Hulk only going into full-on smash mode in the final act. At nearly two and a half hours long, that’s making a big ask of even the most patient audience.


17. The League Of Gentlemen’s Apocalypse


The Movie: A disappointingly subdued slog of a movie, in which an interesting premise (fictional characters cross over into the real world to save themselves from being written out) was hamstrung by a dearth of gags and some poorly chosen characters. A brilliant TV show that couldn’t quite translate to the big screen.

What They Should Have Done: Sadly, most of the series’ best-loved characters (Papa Lazarou, Tubbs and Edward) are shunted to the sidelines here, rather than being given the spotlight they so richly deserve. On top of that, the characters who do take the lead are bizarrely miscast. For example, Hillary Briss is a nightmarish creation in the TV show, but in the film he’s cast as leading man material. Not half as macabre as it should have been…

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