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20 Terrible Actors Who Can’t Actually Act

01 November 2013 | Features, People Lists | by David Zou

bad actors

There is actually a film called ‘Bad Actors’ and all of these listed below should be made to watch it for crimes against cinema, until they recognize their guilt. What qualifies any of them to call themselves actors is beyond me. But there’s still something in them or something they have done made them stay well in Hollywood, it’s crazy truth but you have to accept it.


20. Kate Beckinsale

There is actually a film called ‘Bad Actors’ and all of these listed below should be made to watch it for crimes against cinema, until they recognise their guilt. What qualifies any of them to call themselves actors is beyond me.

Beckinsale is sparkle-eyed and delicately beautiful. But can you honestly – honestly – remember a single thing she’s said in any of her films? Us neither.

The blooper reel is maybe a little mean. But… what did we just say?

Why We Don’t Care: Look at her. Just look at her.


19. Kristen Stewart


Filling the role of Bella is a tough gig: R-Pattz has to carry the crushes of a squealing generation, but Stewart has to be the audience.

Well done Twilight producers, then, for using someone so incapable of expressing any emotion more profound than “sulking in a hoodie” that she’s basically a wobbling greenscreen void where the lusting tweens can imagine themselves instead. It’s genius really.

Why We Don’t Care: A brilliant actor in Twilight would stand-out like a vampire at a werewolf convention. We’ve got a feeling Kristen will come out of her shell once the Twilight Saga has finally reached its conclusion (if indeed it ever does).


18. Ewan McGregor


Less like can’t act, more like just doesn’t act, anymore. Only a madman would claim McGregor is talentless following the likes of Trainspotting and, uh, Moulin Rouge.

But equally, only a really mad madman would suggest he’s anything like good in Star Wars, The Island, and especially Woody Allen’s confusingly dreadful Cassandra’s Dream.

Why We Don’t Care: He’s owed at least ten Oscars for Renton. Until he gets those, he can do what he wants.


17. Pauly Shore


There, but the for grace of God, goes Keanu Reeves. While Keanu graduated from early ‘90s slacker mumblings, Shore ended up doing the pathetic clinger-on act until, well, forever.

Why We Don’t Care: He is very, very easy to ignore.

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  • Graham Carter

    Sorry guys; poor list with piss poor commentary!

  • Ryan Ambrose

    Gentlemen, Ewan McGregor? Really?

    • smorris

      they saw one movie

    • Dennis

      No kidding, the author is literally insane to group Ewan McGregor with Pauly Shore, or he’s a troll, you pick.

    • King Of Bob

      You should actually read what’s typed under their names. They admit that he CAN act, but point out that he HASN’T been acting lately. He’s a good actor, but I don’t think anyone can claim he’s been doing anything other than phoning it in for the last several years.

      • Brian James

        Using Star Wars as one of his major pieces of evidence that Ewan isn’t acting “lately”, is a little silly. Liam sucked in it, too. So did Ian McDiarmid. Oh, even James Earl Jones in his brief vocal appearance in RoTS was laughable.

        It was the movies that sucked. Brando couldn’t have turned in a decent performance in them.

    • DoobieDave

      What an ass. “Especially” Cassandra’s Dream? Confusingly dreadful? That is a great movie, this dude can go fuck himself. Not to mention he has been great in many movies the past few years. It’s been over a decade since the shitty prequels, get over it.

  • Anders

    One who says Paul Walker can’t act has obviously not seen Running Scared. He is really good in that one. And Clive Owen? Are you kidding me! Inside man, Children of Men.

    • Michelle Kirkwood

      For real—-check out Walker in both JOY RIDE (really good horror flick) and RUNNING SCARED, and try to still say he can’t act. Clive Owen’s been good in just about everything he’s been in—THE INTERNATIONAL,INTRUDERS (another underrated scary film worth seeing) CHILDREN OF MEN, SHOOT ‘EM UP,CROUPIER–I mean,come on—they’re amongst the at least 10 of the actors you clam can’t act—yeah,right.

    • Edward La Guardia

      Paul Walker is a terribly horrible actor…he is ridiculously bad…in fact, when someone asks me to name the worst actors I always say: Seagal and Paul Walker. He should have been number 2 only beaten by Seagal. You are insane if you think he is a good actor.

      Has he been in good movies? Of course. Does he have star quality? Sure, he’s good looking…but can he actually act? Hell no. Oh and I’ve seen Joy Ride and liked it a lot and I’ve seen most of his other movies.


      Oh and in Running Scared they have to use the word “fuck” almost 3 times a minute throughout the entire movie to make a good script. Unless you are Scorsese or Tarantino your script is trash if you have to use that word so much that it is used more than the words “the” or “a”…suffice it to say if Running Scared is your example of a good Walker movie that’s pretty pathetic.

    • Marlon Eric

      Loved Running Scared. Made me a fan of him and Vera Farmega (Bates Model, The Conjuring, Up In The Air).

    • smorris

      running scared is a rollercoast ride on your tv his best movie in my opion they nuts

    • Tre Tastic


    • Mohit Kumar

      And “Closer”.. A great movie with a great cast..
      Not seen much of Paul Walker outside Fast & Furious Series but now since he is no more.. Will look for more of his movies…
      RIP Paul Walker..

    • Brian Long

      RIP Paul Walker. What a tragedy. God bless his soul.

    • Josh Danby

      Yes! I’m sure I’ve seen Clive Owen in some stinkers but Children of Men? Fantastic film.

      • King Of Bob

        You seem confused about what this article is actually about. It’s their acting ABILITY that’s in question, not whether they’ve been in good movies or not. Children of Men is a good movie, but he plays his role exactly the same way he plays every role.

    • TwoForOneSale

      Yep, Owen is still wooden in those. He just can’t be expressive. With either his face, body or voice. Still, he’s serves as a good example for future ‘stars’ by demonstrating that luck is more important than ability!

    • Johnny Houston

      Paul Walker, CANT act.

    • _tragicsymphony

      Seriously, it always makes me laugh when people claim he can’t act and yet haven’t actually seen Running Scared, Joy Ride or anything outside of the Fast series.

  • randell

    all of these actors are in fact good actors aside from a couple and its pretty much common knowledge that Steven seagal overacts for on purpose because that is his method(give us moderate to horrible acting but awesome fight scenes) his early work was great but now all he does is do the martial arts and lets them dub his voice in later

  • Border

    dafuq did I just click through?

  • Roxtaf

    I will give you a few of them, but this is a piss poor list. Both because you have good actors on and because you are missing obvious “actors”.

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  • tobster

    What about Will Farrel……he is shocking.

    • Mcflyer54

      Most of the SNL alumni deserve to be on this list but Will Farrel should absolutely be at the top.

  • Joe Bloggs

    Replace Ewan McGregor with Channing Tatum and you have yourself a pretty good list.

    • jcupdates1

      ??? What are you talking about? Channing Tatums is a great actor, clearly you have not seen much of his work.

      • Jack Dundee

        He acts the same in all his movies. Just playing yourself is not acting.

        • jcupdates1

          That doesn’t mean he can’t act, alot of actors do act similar to themselves in many films.

        • Rev. George R. West

          “Just playing yourself is not acting.” I bet you hate Cary Grant, too! He always just played himself.

      • King Of Bob

        I think right now he’s suffering from the same thing Brad Pitt did early in his career. He’s too pretty for a lot of people to take him seriously. But Pitt has proven over the years that he is an excellent actor. I think Tatum(once he gets a chance to really flex his acting muscle away from romantic movies) will prove himself to be pretty good as well.

    • WockerDaw

      Watch Magic Mike, and Side Effects, the guy can act.
      Also 21 Jump Street.

      • awyisss

        Thanks for the laugh… “Watch Magic Mike, and Side Effects, the guy can act. Also 21 Jump Street.”

  • Dawniell Black

    Although I personally love him and have gone to the theater to see nearly every movie, but I can’t believe Mark Wahlberg didn’t make this list.

    • MikeB59

      Markie Mark was great in “The Departed.” He was the only one from that great cast that got nominated for an Oscar.

    • WockerDaw

      Watch Boogie Nights, and you’ll take it back.

    • Stephen Ledesma

      I liked Mr. Wahlberg in The Fighter along with Christian Bale. Oh and alongside Will Ferrell in The Other Guys.

    • King Of Bob

      He most certainly can act. Very well in fact. Even early in his career(see The Basketball Diaries).

  • 311

    where ids Samuel L. Jackson?
    same character in every movie are you kidding me!!!!

    • Jared New

      Watch pulp fiction and django unchained then get back to me

      • AsianPussySmellLikeANumber7

        he’s not saying that he was bad in those movies, he’s saying it’s hardly ‘acting’ when you’re playing pretty much the same characters over and over. I love Samuel L Jackson but he really does only play ‘The Angry Black Guy’…with the exception of star wars of course, but even then I was convinced he was calling the white actors ‘motha fuckin crackas’ in his head during scenes.

        • Lisa Joyce

          haha!!! I thought I was the only one who though samuel l jackson did that shit in his head!!!

    • fairey01

      Uh! You SUCK. Samuel is THE man!!!!!

    • Smart Ninja

      Agree agree agree agree!!

    • Jamie Phillips

      Yes he does play the same part in ever movie.. he plays a “BAD ASS MOTHER FUCKER”

    • Jack Dundee

      Not too mention he is not the only fucking black actor. I don’t know why Hollywood keeps using him as the only black guy in a film.

      • King Of Bob

        Yeah, I mean he was great as the lead role in 12 Years a Slave. He was great as Red in Shawshank. As Morpheus in The Matix. As Blade. Agent J in Men in Black. John Coffey in The Green Mile… Idiot.

    • King Of Bob

      You have clearly not seen many of his movies. For example, what is so similar about the character he plays in Jurassic Park and Jules from Pulp Fiction?

  • Becca

    Very poor list….really!?! I think there’s more personal opinions here than actual performance reviews by someone with any clear knowledge of these talented actors/actresses.

  • Jared New

    Ewan McGregor?!
    Clive Owen!?
    Kevin Costner!?
    And am I the only one who actually liked Hayden Christensen in Star Wars?

    • JoeNiqua


    • Mike Garcia

      I liked christensen in Star Wars too, don´t worry there are still people in this world with good taste :P

      • Edward La Guardia

        ha ha ha that’s preposterous…Christensen gets a bad rap and I’ve liked him in other movies but he was not good in SW…especially Ep. II and if you think otherwise you, sir, have bad taste…very bad taste.

        • Annie

          I think it has more to do with the fact that the writing in SW Ep. 2 was pretty bad. Well, a lot of his lines were awkward and bad.

      • eviltaco

        “Sand… it’s so coarse and rough and it gets everywhere.”

        haha no.

    • Kristopher R

      Hayden Christensen was much better in “Shattered Glass.”

    • scir91onYouTube

      hayden was actually very good in “shattered glass”

    • DeAnn Scantlin Kaduce

      Did you ever see Kevin Costner in Robin Hood? Wow! Now that was bad acting.

    • David Hill

      Outside of playing himself (Bull Durham, Field of Dreams), Costner could never act. He can’t seem to get rid of his Californian accent, no matter who he’s playing.

      I will, however, take issue with Scarlett Johansson. She was really good in Ghost World and she was good in Avengers and Iron Man 2.

      • King Of Bob

        But she’s not really acting in Avengers and Iron Man. She’s playing an emotionally cold character.

        I do agree though that when she was younger(and trying) she was much better.

    • Poldarn

      Hayden Christensen was the very worst thing in Star Wars.

      • Rev. George R. West

        No, the worst thing about Star Wars was George Lucas.

        • Graydon

          But without Lucas there would be no Star Wars.

          • King Of Bob

            Not true. Without the people telling him no to his incredibly stupid ideas for the first 3 movies, there would be no Star Wars. Seriously, if the movie had been the way he originally envisioned it, there never would have been an Empire Strikes Back.

    • caleida

      Hayden Christensen is Anakin, he is the best for that role

    • Guest

      Clive Owen should NOT be on this list. Children of Men, Inside Man and Closer are just a few good movies he was in. You may not like him or think he doesn’t have much range but to say he can’t act is just crazy.

      • King Of Bob

        Pay attention. This article is about their acting ability, not whether or not they were in good movies. Two completely separate points.

    • Gerrit Farley

      Hayden Christensen was ok in star wars to me I love the movies but he showed glimpses of acting but for the most part he was mellow dramatic in a life role that had so much emotion, charisma and turmoil. Half the time when he would get mad he would lower his eyebrows and turn on the whiney voice…

      • King Of Bob

        Wait… Are you saying you love the new movies, or the original? Because if you love the new movies, nobody can take anything you say seriously. If you love the original movies, but still think he’s a good actor, well… We still can’t take you seriously. Because that’s ludicrous.

  • Cliff Switzer

    Wow…resent much? A couple might be worthy of this list but…wow. How much more wrong can you be.

  • Xavier Sar

    Jessica Alba.. OMG!.
    btw….this list suuxx.

  • Knightly Crusade

    Your list has a lot of bad calls.

  • fairey01

    What IDIOT came up with this list? Oh, Madonna and Jason and Steven sure belong here, but the rest? how stupid.

    • King Of Bob

      Are you trying to say Orlando Bloom can act? Because I totally disagree. The man is only “decent” in Lord of the Rings because he rarely speaks. He’s fine when he’s just playing a pretty face standing in the background.

  • MikeB59

    I agree with about 3 of the people on the list. A couple of others, I haven’t seen in very much. The rest of the list is off-base.

  • AngelaScherzyFCBTWJC

    who the fuck made this list, like seriously ?

    • King Of Bob

      People who understand the difference between acting and being in a good movie.

  • PlanB

    Stallone, Swartzenegger, Ryan Reynolds, Christopher Walken, Jeff Goldblum, Jeff Bridges, Owen Wilson, Ben Affleck, Donald Sutherland and anyone from Saturday Night Live except for Phil Hartman.

  • MrReasons2Bcheerful

    Yup! Agree with you there. Jason Statham only knows “how to play himself” and ripping shirts off. Kostner was terrible in Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves – completely acted off the screen by Alan Rickman… Madonna? Don’t even get me started…! Actress? Singer? Mother? I would have put Kossie or Maddie first, not Seagal!

  • Capital7

    This list seems to have been randomly generated. So many reasons why I dislike links to this site.

  • Mcflyer54

    Meg Ryan – how can you forget Meg Ryan? With the exception of that fake orgasm scene in “When Harry Met Sally” Ryan’s entire body of work is amateur at best.

    • Lisa Joyce

      i thought of her too but then remembered When a Man Loves a Woman and though nope she doesn’t deserve to be on the list

  • GreendayMarvel

    No Arnold S, this list is just stupid granted some of these actors have made bad movies but majority have made classics. Sly Stallone bad actor but his movies are great to watch. Jason statham is better actor than sly.

  • Earl Harris Jr

    Scarlett Johansson is a good actress. She has done different accents. Watch her in “Avengers” again.

    • WockerDaw

      I agree, but different accents really is not a good measurement of acting ability.

      • Earl Harris Jr

        You’re right. I guess I’m saying she does more than play herself.

    • Lisa Joyce

      The Avengers sucked!!!! And I have tried twice to watch that movie and have turned it off both times because I was bored!!! Don’t get me wrong, I love Ironman and some RDJ and I liked Thor. I didn’t watch Captain America and I liked the Edward Norton Hulk and liked the idea of Mark Ruffalo playing the Hulk! But the movie clearly sucked and I have met more and more people who have thought that after seeing it for the second time on DVD. And I like JJ Abrams so I really was surprised when I couldn’t stand to watch the movie any longer and turned it off…TWICE!!!!

      • Earl Harris Jr

        I didn’t ask you to judge the movie; I wanted you to judge the actress. Scarlett did a good job with the Black Widow. (IMHO, you can’t put her is the same basket with Pauly Shore and Kristin Steward.)

        • Lisa Joyce

          Pauly Shore – you are very right but she is not too much better than Kristen Stewart. She was good in Lost in Translation and In Good Company and that’s it. When you look back at her work, it’s all the same character, whether it’s played dramatically or more for a rom com. Black Widow was no different except she was more physical. She wasn’t better in Ironman 2 either!!!!! And movies DO make a difference!!! Give me a movie that didn’t do well in the box office and/or critics didn’t like/love that anyone has won awards for besides a negative award? RDJ would be worthy of a mtv movie award or like peoples choice award for stark even in a crappy movie because he played and has always played him so well. She had the opportunity, now having a larger role in avengers, to work on getting more into her character better but she didn’t. Scarlett was very dull in Avengers!!!

          • Earl Harris Jr

            If you say Scarlett had two good acting performances, that is good enough for me to say she is not a BAD actress.

            But maybe I am an easy grader. There are so many actors playing themselves in movies without accents (Stallone, Bruce Willis, Vin Diesel, Jennifer Lopez, Meagan Fox, Shaquille O’Neal, Steven Segal, Jackie Chan, etc). The bad actor list could be a mile long.

            “Jennifer’s Body” was a bad movie.


            It was suppose to be a movie vehicle for Meagan Fox. But Amanda Seyfried stole the show.

          • King Of Bob

            Say what? Not one of the actors you mentioned EVER play themselves in movies. The closest is Shaq when he was in Blue Chips. And calling Shaq an actor is incredibly misleading off the bat.

            I think you’re confusing the person with the persona they project. Megan Fox for example, is not the pretty airhead she tends to play. She’s actually a huge nerd in real life. Not that I’m saying she’s a good actor, only that she’s never playing herself in any role I’ve seen thus far.

          • Rev. George R. West

            She was quite good in Don Jon, and Girl with the Pearl Earring, as well as Match Point, Scoop, and Vicky, Cristina Barcelona. And what I’ve heard of her V.O. for Her has sounded spectacular. I would never say that she’s one of the all-time greats. But, she’s far from being a terrible actress.

      • Paul Duff

        last time I checked jj abrams had nothing to do with the avengers.

      • Aroreiel

        I think you’re talking about Joss Whedon, not JJ Abrams. And I totally disagree with everything you’ve said.

      • gumperman

        You mean Joss Whedon, JJ Abrams had nothing to do with The Avengers.

      • King Of Bob

        WTF are you talking about? JJ Abrams had nothing to do with The Avengers. He was in no way associated with the project.

  • ScoobyDooFTW

    This list is a monstrosity.

  • Bilal Khan

    The most rubbish list everr!!

  • Smart Ninja

    Agree with all of them apart from Costner. He is a phenomenal actor. Not very popular but I could quote about 100 lines of his. The Untouchables, JFK, Field Of Dreams, No Way Out and Wyatt Earp are fantastic performances. Sorry.

    • 1h2d3a

      I agree. Don’t forget Dances With Wolves. He’s a great actor

  • Jean199999

    I saw Kristen Stewart in Speak.

  • demoncat_4

    would have had Hayden at number one for ewan made him actully look decent in the phantom and attack of the clones films. madona thankfuly has stayed away from being in front of the camera. though pauly shore should be on this list mostly for he has proven he can only do slacker roles.

    • Lisa Joyce

      watch Life as a House and I promise you will think Hayden deserves to be off the list completely

  • Stephen Ledesma

    Don’t forget Van Damme…! ;O)

    • GeoKip

      But let’s be honoust, didn’t we all forget Van Damme by now?

      • Stephen Ledesma

        Yeh. You’re right. Can’t argue with dat!

      • Brian Long

        Wow. That was such a nice thing to say. You are really a nice person. I’m glad you’re on earth.

    • Lisa Joyce

      or Vin Diesel

      • Brian Long

        How dare you. You just take that right back!!

    • Brian Long

      How dare you. You just take that right back!!!!

  • Jared Ouimette

    I don’t know, you really can’t put Action movie stars in there as “can’t act”, because it isn’t like any of their roles ever calls for acting.

    If you put them in more dramatic roles and they blow it, you can criticize them.

    Some people are saying Samuel L Jackson can’t act because he can only do “Angry Black Dude”. Look, he may be niche, but hey, he can act the hell out of that niche.

  • niteorchid

    While there may be a couple thespians on your list I would agree can’t act their way out of a paper bag, most of the list is crap. And when did it become okay to state your reasons for watching someone is “Just look at her” and not okay to use the same reason for the guys? I mean come on just look at them.

  • RockyJohan

    Johnny Depp

  • sooverit

    Quality list. I couldn’t argue with much of it even though some of these are my absolute faves.

  • McMuguets

    Statham can actually act, Snatch and The Bank Job are all proof of that, he just hasn’t been in a movie that requires much acting in a while, but out of the “Expendable” bunch, he’s probably one of the few who can properly act.

  • Craig Mitchell

    How can you forget the worst of the worst….Nicholas Cage?

    • disqus_zT8c3FHpZ1


  • zgamer

    This list is a joke! Clive Owen can’t act? Ewan McGregor? And what’s with those terrible “Why We Don’t Care” commentaries like “Ashton Kutcher: His relationship with Demi Moore is absolutely fascinating.” Don’t waste your breath with this list.

  • DeAnn Scantlin Kaduce

    John Wayne never played a character; he always played himself in movies.

  • sixerfixer1976

    You left off Channing Tatum.

  • gabbycorner

    I agree with your list except for Ewan McGregor and Clive Owen.

  • saad

    are you freaking kidding me ? :| Scarlett johansson is one of the best actress i have ever seen. Have you even seen lost in translation , prestige , hitchcock , avengers….. worst list ever and kevin costner is also very good he was greatly praised for his acting in MAN OF STEEL dude -_-

    • Lisa Joyce

      if you think scarlett jo is one of the best actresses, maybe you should start watching more movies with genuinely great actresses such as Angelina Jolie, Julia Roberts, Anne Hathaway, Jennifer Lawrence, Anna Paquin, Sandra Bullock, Rachel Weisz, Charlize Theron, Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate Winslet, Nicole Kidman, Halle Berry, Meryl Streep, Helen Mirren, Susan Surandon, Sally Field, Jodie Foster, Julianne Moore, Glenn Close, etc. I could go on but I think you get the idea!!

      • jcupdates1

        She is better than most of those you listed.

  • Nicholas Simpson

    This is the dumbest list I’ve ever seen. What a shit article.

  • Lisa Joyce

    Only 3 I don’t agree with…1) Ewan McGregor and I don’t need to explain that one 2) Clive Owen – go watch Children of Men, Inside Man and most importantly Closer (the scene with Julie Roberts after Clive Owen comes home from New York is incredible!!! Closer is a fantastic movie with an even better cast!!! 3) Hayden Christensen – one movie and the ONLY movie needed to change anyone’s mind is Life as a House!!! Both he and Kevin Kline deserved Oscars for that movie!!!

  • Guest

    OMG!! I’ve NEVER, in all my years on the internet agreed with every word. And I’ll add John Wayne and Clark Gable for dead actors. Wow.

  • Imagineer

    Some here I really agree; others I haven’t seen enough of. Morgan Freeman somehow exudes something that I can’t say except for the conviction in his words; yet, there are dead actors that show they serious, yet John Wayne and Clark Gable, academy awards or not.


  • Doc999

    I’m sorry i’m tired of the hole you ruined our childhood line coming from douche bags who get off on complaining about trivial things. If watching a movie or an actor as an adult ruined your childhood, the problem is not the movie or actor, just come to terms that you had shit childhood to begin with. I’m just waiting for someone to say this stupid line in person so I can give them a nice stiff back hand.

  • WhamBam

    I agree with seagal but surely schwarzenegger should be near the top of that list..

    • 1h2d3a

      Oh Yeah

  • Jamie Phillips

    how does Uma Thurman not make this list?

  • J.Chamberlain

    You forgot Justin Timberlake and Jennifer Anniston!

  • Dalinkwent

    Clive Owen has no business on this list. As for Paul Walker and Reeves, while yes their acting ability is limited, they’re apart of some very entertaining action flicks and carry the roles well.

  • Ribelin2000

    This list is obviously just David Zou’s opinion. I mean, really, Kate Beckinsale? Has Zou ever seen Nothing But the Truth or The Aviator or Cold Comfort Farm? And yet Megan Fox and Tori Spelling aren’t on this list. Opinions are like assholes, David, everyone has one.

  • tevii

    This is a horrible list, based on nothing

  • Brian Mc

    Kristen Stewart will come out of her shell when the Saga ends? (if it ever does)?. What? Just like everyone else has said in the comments. This article sucks. You do know the Twilight saga is OVER and has been over sinec last year? That was the final one. Just shows how the person who is writing this article is some random guy who probably is an Janitor or a school teacher and isn’t in the movie critic business whatsoever.

  • 1h2d3a

    how about adding Harrison Ford to this list. Yeah, Starwars was fun to watch. but he started to take himself much to seriously after that

    • Joiner

      He has his role of Deckard in Blade Runner too though, and of course Indiana Jones.. So he may not be the best, but he at least has enough noteworthy roles to not land him on the list imo.

      • Ribelin2000


        • Joiner

          And you think Nick Cage is a good actor because of Leaving Las Vegas. Give you a break indeed.

          • Ribelin2000

            Actually, I meant to reply to 1h2d3a’s comment, not your comment. My mistake.

  • Bobby Holcomb

    You guys forgot Nicholas Cage

    • Joiner


      • Ribelin2000

        Yeah. That would explain his Oscar for Leaving Las Vegas, right?

    • King Of Bob

      Not true. He is a good actor, he just takes shit jobs since he lost all his money.

  • lissener

    Wow, what a celebration of ignorance. Who the f^ck wrote this? I’m not going to bother going down the entire embarrassingly horrible list. I’ll just say that if all you’ve seen Kristin Stewart in is The Twilight movies, then A) you have no right writing for a movie blog, and B) you have no idea what you’re talking about. She’s been around for a while, totally held her own with Jodie Foster in Panic Room. See The Cake Eaters, an incredible performance, and then report back with your admission of total r3t4rdation. Please, whoever you are, stop writing.

  • Mack Heath

    I think someone lost their mind on this list cause I think all the ones except maybe about 3 can act

  • Jack Dundee

    I think Kirsten Stewart is on meth. She never has emotion and she is skinny as hell.

  • Warthog

    Mary Stuart Masterson. Mistress supreme of the bland vacant vapid expression in every scene she has ever been in.

  • Ativa

    Where’s Rob Schneider? And if you’re going to rip on Samuel L. Jackson for playing the same role in every movie, add Jennifer Aniston to the list, as well.

  • djc200

    Most of you need to chill out. I found the commentary to be hilarious. The author did exactly what he set out to do on an inane topic: Come up with a mock list of bad actors to create controversy, and deliver it with flagrant sarcasm and dark wit.

  • SoCritical

    Oh well, I guess someone wanted to make themselves sound important with this ridiculous list…SMH

  • Kathy

    One Terrible Writer Who Can’t Actually Write . . . or Spell . . . or Use Basic Grammar. Please tell me English isn’t David Zou’s first language, and please, please tell me he doesn’t get paid for writing this crap.

  • roncarrier

    Stupid list. People are paid to create top 10 lists. They just make thing up. Pauly shore does suck. Ewan McGregor is one of the greatest actors of this time. Dumb, dumb.

    • King Of Bob

      Read the reasoning, not just the name. They admitted that Ewan is a good actor, but stated that he hasn’t done any real acting in quite awhile, and they’re right.

      • daisylu

        They are right that Ewan has done anything in a while, but that is not what the Topis about. It’s about people who CAN’T act…. So I’m right.

  • Patric McLeod

    Is this the same Scarlet Johansson who received a Golden Globe award for “Lost in Translation” as well as 2 other Golden Globe nominations and is generally Woody Allen’s muse?!? Allen isn’t known for working with bad actors. And if they are, he certainly doesn’t use them again.
    Ewan McGregor. Surely you jest. I can agree he can just “move” thru some pictures, but the man CAN act. “Big Fish”, anyone? Really. What drivel you espouse!

    • King Of Bob

      Did you just read the actors name and skip over the reasoning? They admitted that Ewan can act, but they said that he hasn’t been acting for quite some time, and I tend to agree.

      Also, I thought he was the worst part of Big Fish and that southern accent he attempted was painful. Loved the movie, hated him in it.

  • John Logan


    • King Of Bob

      Where did anyone claim it’s easy?

  • Teena Goar

    I bet not many folk could act good as these bad actors do

  • Tor

    Watch the recent “Hours” and you will change your mind about Paul Walker. The movie is shit but Paul Walker caught me off guard with a really good performance.

  • FoxyHound

    Clive Owen is such a bad actor. He’s exactly the same in everything.

  • smorris

    this is plain garbage

    • smorris

      Madonna and steven seagal are bad

  • Chiotelis Kostas

    so.. this means that Halle Berry can act?

  • Wade Wilson

    Josh Hartnett is a pretty good actor. I don’t see why “30 days of night” wash chosen as his redeeming movie, what about “black hawk down” and “lucky number slevin”?

  • Patrícia Teixeira

    HOW THE FUCK can someone make such a list and Michael Cera is not on it?

  • Sonya Costa

    Who ever made this list up is obviously a moron dying of penis envy.

    • Sonya Costa

      Okay….they hit the nail on the head with Madona.

  • Eileen Burns

    You forgot Heather Grahm. She thinks acting is making faces.

  • Keith W Wilson

    You got a handful right such as Kristen Stewart and Steven Segal but most you were miles off on i.e. MOST of everyone else. Nice try though.

  • Marshall Mu’am

    This is some false.. I disagree to most of them

  • Joana Vieira

    George Clooney, Ryan Reynolds and Channing Tatum are missing.

    • King Of Bob

      No to all of them.

  • Poldarn

    Paul Walker R.I.P. Ironically killed in a car crash.

    • King Of Bob

      That isn’t ironic.

  • randell

    the quality of an actor is determined by there availability as an actor. some times they have qualities that make them a believable character with out any acting ability. like Steven Seagal who is believable as a bad ass because he actually is a bad ass. with that being said a lot of these people actually are good actors

  • Tim Green

    This list is just too out there. I mean where the ffk is channing tatum? Rogan or franco?..

  • Captain_Swing666

    Paul Walker turned out to be this generations James Dean rather than Marlon Brando.

  • Po

    Who cares, you don´t have to be a great actor to be entertaining in a movie. I love the Apatow crew, but none of them are “great” actors. And Arnold Schwarzenegger, he can make a bad movie great by just being in it, but not because of his great acting skills. He is just entertaining to watch. If he played Edward in Twilight, that would have been an awesome movie.

  • Lambo Calrissian

    Statham? guess youve never seen SNATCH or LOCK, STOCK, AND TWO SMOKING BARRELS

  • Wolf

    I have no doubt this article was written by a 14 year old, therefore i will withhold hateful comments. I look forward to a follow up article in about 15 years that begins with “I was young and stupid and I apologize…”

  • Mark Schofield

    Who wrote this article? Clearly they haven’t seen any Scarlett Johansson films. She’s a very talent actress IMO!

  • Doug McKenzie

    You seem to be confusing limited range to being a bad actor. Some are very good within their wheelhouse, but don’t stray much far out of it. Thing is some very well acknowledged actors like Jimmy Stewart, or Henry Fonda, who were like that as well. So I give a pass to guys like Statham, Vaughn, and Reeves who are good at the types of characters they mostly portray. Owen? Watch Children of Men, the Killer Elite, and Croupier and see some varied performances. MacGregor has had a rough go lately more to do with being attached to bad projects than reflecting his ability. Christensen was awful in Star Wars, no doubt, but was good in Life as a House and Shattered Glass. You’re missing a whole whack of guys and gals who are stand out awful thou.

  • hiko73

    Is everyone else missing what the list is saying? I agreed with every point!! Good on you list writer ;)

    • King Of Bob

      I also agree for the most part. People don’t seem to understand the difference between being in good movies and being a good actor.

  • David Young

    This thread is so old no one will ever see this comment, but I have to do it anyway:
    “My heart isn’t cold…it’s broken.”
    Thank you…thank you very much.

  • Aroreiel

    Pretty shallow reasons for Kate Beckinsale. She did do work before being clad up in Underworld leather you know. Ewan McGregor is a big WTF on this list.The problem with Orlando Bloom is he was so theatrically trained, he picked up its habits and hasn’t adapted well to the subtlety of film. He’s actually a better actor on the stage (Yes, I saw him in a West End play ‘The Celebration’). I can think of worst actors than many of the people of this list.

  • Viola

    Really, this list seems like made by somebody who has only seen one film of each of this actors… :(

  • awyisss

    You forgot Bradley Cooper

  • JamesECash

    never agreed more with a list in my life!!!!

  • Fum Baz

    Please, don’t write anymore.

  • pcch7

    Beckinsale, Stewart, McGregor, Clive Owen and ScarJo really don’t belong on a list like this. They’ve had great performances is quite a few movies.

    You’re right about Bloom though, talk about being wooden.

    • missmavis

      Yeah, but just look at him. ;p

    • fatkat

      Beckinsale is NOT a good actress!

      • pcch7

        She is though. Her career is littered with good performances.

      • pcch7

        She is though.

  • Luis Alejandro Grande

    awful list! Ewan McGregor is a great actor and CliveOwen too. And that misogynist comment: Look at her. Just look at her… terrible

  • Red Lagoon

    This list is perfect!!! Clive Owen is just too British imo but still spot on :) (sorry for the spelling)!

  • David W. King

    Really? Is this it? What about Nicholas Cage? You don’t mean to say by omission that you actually think he can act, do you? Frankly, he sucks as bad as Steven Seagal and Keven Costner combined.

    • CaptainCornHole

      Nobody sucks as bad as Seagal!

  • Tosyma

    There are some good actors on the list. One of them should be replaced by Zooey DesChanel.

    • Renáta

      agree. zoey dechanel has to be on this list, she cant act out anything else just herself, which is probably a person I dont want to know ever.

  • Renáta

    EWAN MCGREGOR? have you seen beginners? ok, im a girl, but even a cold hearted man would fall in love with him in that film…

  • Tony Diles

    Who ever made this really needs to rethink his life cause he has absolutely no idea what he talking about with some of these actors. I can easily name 10 other people who are way worse then any of these people!!! Lets start with good ol Arnold Schwarzenegger!!!!!! Please tell me how he is better then Paul Walker?!?!?!!?!

    • CaptainCornHole

      Because Arnold has range.

      • Guest

        Watch Hours, then try to say Paul Walker couldn’t act. LOL

  • occupybikeseat

    How… just how is Nicolas Cage not on this list…

  • Abhi

    So you’re saying Ewan McGregor can’t act?
    Well I’m saying you’re a fucking idiot of highest order.

  • Guest

    Author is an idiot.

  • Al

    How could you leave out Tom Cruise? Lamest of the lame. Has two different facial expressions.

  • J S Nawati

    Steven Seagal sucks. thanks for confirming!

  • soulful

    Agreed on all except Costner..he is BRILLIANT!!

  • soulful

    Oh and Adam Sandler should be on that List~

  • Carlos Sax

    why I don’t care Steven Seagal – HE GOT HIS OWN FREAKING COPS SPECIAL

  • Nicthalon

    If you think Kristin Stewart will ever “come out of her shell” then you’ve obviously never seen anything she’s been in before or since Twilight, as she manages exactly one facial expression in EVERY single role, since she was about 10! She will NEVER be a good actress, and the sooner Hollywood realizes she’s useless, the better off we’ll all be.

  • Folie-lex

    Interesting how with every woman on this list the reason not to care is “look at her. Just look at her”


  • cmac324

    Did you see Ewan McGregor in The Impossible? He can act!

  • cmac324

    I thought Clive Owen’s acting was quite good in The Inside Man. Good actors don’t have to gain or lose weight, play a drug addict/alcoholic or chew the scenery to be good.

  • cmac324

    Johansson was quite good in Don Jon and as the voice in Her.

  • Karen Evans

    You forgot TOM CRUISE. He couldn’t act his way out of a paper bag!

  • Kevin Wilson

    It’s a good list, defendable choices, although I’m going to take issue with four things you said:

    1) Kevin Costner as a bad actor – Granted he was boring in Robin Hood, but very dryly funny in Bull Durham, over the top funny in Silverado, and funny, menacing, and endearing in A Perfect World. He’s not showy, but the man does have acting chops.

    2) Hayden Christinsen – see Shattered Glass – he can act.

    3) Vince Vaughn – admittedly, has chosen a lot of lame duck comedies where he coasts on swarmy charm. But see him in Return to Paradise – nuanced and emotional work.

    4) – And this is just me being picky, but you’re title “20 Terrible actors who can’t actually act” is a bit redundant – are there terrible actors who can actually act? :)

  • missmavis

    Hayden Christenson (who cares about the spelling) is the worst actor ever. No charisma. No delivery. Weak chinned. Boring.

    He made Natalie Portman boring. He made Darth Vader boring.

    Insurance sales might be a better career choice.

    • Chase

      Why? So he can bring insurance salesmen down a notch too? They have a hard enough time as it is. Don’t do that to them.

  • treetops

    So I am reading this list, all hah-hah-hah, and then I get to Paul Walker.


    • King Of Bob

      Oh I’m sorry, are we never allowed to criticize someone who’s dead?

      • treetops

        No, not at all, I just meant that the list was compiled before his tragic death, so it was just a sad reminder that he’s no longer around.

        • King Of Bob

          Ahh. Well then “We coo’.”

  • VincentVonDudler

    Where is Halle Berry?! She’s worse than 90% of those on this list!

  • TwoForOneSale

    Two words… Arnold… Schwarzenegger!

    Two more words… George… Clooney!

    Oh, and a couple more… Adam… Sandler!

    Let’s be honest; Hollywood is literally wall-to-wall, full of crap actors. Good looks, a fit body and poor acting skills are more likely to turn you into a ‘star’ than acting ability.

  • AJ Jordan

    Hayden Christensen is actually good in Shattered Glass. Then again, maybe he was just reflecting the shine of Peter Sarsgaard.

  • Michelle Bryer

    Clive Owen was brilliant is Gosford Park.

  • Peter Ehrman Lmt

    Tom Cruise!!! Vin Diesel!!! These guys should be at #1 and #2 on this list!

    • King Of Bob

      I disagree. Tom is an excellent actor. He manages to convince me he isn’t an insane person in every one of his roles…

  • Kristin Lancaster

    UHHH ,,, Where is BRAD PITT One of the worst actors I’ve ever seen

  • Sandra

    Should the bottom line read, Why we Care instead of Why we don’t care?

  • Joshua Thirteen

    I think for a number of these you either just didn’t like the movies they have made or you just don’t like their style of acting. That’s the most charitable explanation I can come up with for including some of these. Another is some of these are just on the list fashionable actors to hate on the internet. I also detect a note of perhaps not thinking very sexy women can act. Ah well in the end it’s very subjective, thinks as you will.

  • Odysseus Journey

    actually I think Orlando bloom was quite good in Kingdom of heaven and i will always remember Ewan McGregor in trainspoting

  • paddles57

    For most of the male actors it could also be said “Look at him. Just look at him. What’s good for the goose,,,,

    Look at her. Just look at her.
    Look at her. Just look at her.
    Look at her. Just look at her.
    Look at her. Just look at her.

  • Andy Hooper

    Kirsten Stewart should of been number 1, I mean, really… Just Awful

  • Rival X Jordan

    This list is bullshit. Paul Walker is good actor. Josh Harnett is decent. Kevin Coster a bad actor? Man yall tripping. Majority on this list decent actors not terrible or bad. Steven Segal I agree. That guys sucks.

    • King Of Bob

      You wouldn’t know good acting if it punched you in the face.

  • Jeremy Norris

    The title of this post sounds ridiculously stupid. “Horrible actors…can’t actually act” Great sentence structure there!

  • Joe

    This list is fucking awful…

  • Zackary GramCracka Graham

    Page 3′s list is flawed, like really! you have people involved in some of the best movies made to date up there, lord of the rings – Orlando Bloom, Fast and Furious – Paul Walker RIP, Vince Vaughn Comedic genius, wedding crashers, and jason statham is a low budget action hero.

    • King Of Bob

      Being in a good movie does not make them good actors. The only reason Orlando is “good” in Lord of the Rings is because he hardly speaks a damn word.

      Fast and the Furious are not examples of good acting for ANYONE in the cast of ANY of the movies.

      Vince Vaughn is funny, but not a good actor.

      Jason Statham is a stuntman turned actor. He is not a good actor, or at least he doesn’t seem to choose roles where he has to do much acting. His roles are all essentially the same.

  • Layla George

    Can’t believe some of the actors that are in here. Kevin Costner, Keanu Reeves????? Do you need a lobotomy???? I would suggest finding a new career. Writing isn’t your thing.

  • RazorShines

    Costnar, Clive Owen and Melanie Griffith have all been nominated for acting Oscars. Saying they can’t act is like saying Peyton Manning can’t throw a football. Although I agree with Paul Walker, Hayden Christianson and Ashton Kutcher

  • AutomaticJack

    Ben Affleck is NOT on this list, an Ewen McGregor IS. Your list is invalid.

  • Greg Dial

    I know I’m a late comer to this discussion, but Nicolas Cage! Duh!

  • vangpo

    This list was obviously compiled by morons.

  • Hew

    The fact that Ewan McGregor is on here and Samuel L. Jackson isn’t number one makes this list completely unreliable.

  • El Camino

    Horrible List.

  • Party_In_Left_Field

    Why the harsh review of Kate? I don’t get it. She did just fine in the Underworld franchise. Your criterion is whether we remember any of her lines? What’s that got to do with her overall presentation on screen? Blame the writer if you want. I don’t think I recall any of Brad Pitt’s lines and, like him or not, he is as big time as it gets. Bottom line: you could have picked actors who are far worse.

  • AugustineThomas

    I feel sorry for how stupid anyone who pays attention to pop culture becomes. Look at this idiot pretending to be a critic while praising horribly crappy leftist garbage films.

  • AugustineThomas

    But what do you expect from Baby Murder Nation? A bunch of sex and drug zombies busily destroying their own country for a few cheap thrills.

  • Smedley N

    I watched Captain America 2 the other day, and noticed that nearly all of Scarlett Johansson’s lines were said off camera.

  • Eener The Beaner

    You forgot Tom Cruise… Every movie but two , he plays the same character….He’s terrible.