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20 Tarantino Movies Tarantino Didn’t Direct

19 May 2013 | Features, Film Lists | by David Zou

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What’s the first thing comes to your mind when we talk about Quentin Tarantino movies?  Non-linear narration? Violence? Gangster? Talky characters and their quick-witted dialogues? Outdated but cool soundtrack? I know you can name many more, but the point here is: Tarantino is a genius who knows how to borrow(or steal as himself calls it) stuff from classics and then makes them his own.

Since the release of his iconic debut film Reservoir Dogs, Tarantino’s own movies have been studied and borrowed from. You will find a lot of movies that has Tarantinoesque elements in it and did pretty well in box-office. That’s one of the best thing about cinema, new movies pay homages to classic movies, and form its own style. Here are 20 love letters to the movies of the one and only – Quentin Tarantino.

Editor’s Note:  We didn’t include either Natural Born Killers or True Romance, because it becomes too obvious since both of them are written by Tarantino.


20. Luck Of The Draw


The Film: An ex-con trying to go straight finds himself lured into the underworld, where a series of outrageous events soon land him on the radar of every scumbag in the city.

Tarantino-Esque Elements: The unbelievable coincidences and quirks of fate that befall the hero are straight out of True Romance, while a cast that includes Michael Madsen, Dennis Hopper and Ice-T apes QT’s eye for a washed-up star. Throw in a soundtrack full of surf music (including what sounds like a burst of Misirlou!) and the picture is complete.

Does It Work: A shameless knock-off. There’s even a Mexican standoff in there.


19. The Immortals


The Film: A nightclub owner rounds up eight gangsters to perform an elaborate heist. However, when the various rogues begin to compare notes, they realise there’s more to the job than meets the eye…

Tarantino-Esque Elements: Wise-talking gangsters pulling the wool over each other’s eyes in a tangled plot that only draws all its various strands together at its big finale.

Does It Work: It’s QT by the numbers, but a talented cast including Eric Roberts and Joe Pantoliano strive to keep things interesting.


18. A Beginner’s Guide To Endings


The Film: Jonathan Sobol’s debut feature in which an ageing reprobate kills himself, and announces via his will that his three sons are doomed to meet a similar fate, having been subject to medical experiments as kids. Yes, it does sound silly, doesn’t it?

Tarantino-Esque Elements: The subject matter is pure pulp, but where Tarantino uses such hoary plot devices to let his whip-smart dialogue soar, Sobol’s movie stays mired in the vagaries of its labyrinthine plot.

Does It Work: Filled with ludicrous coincidences, larger than life characters and Harvey Keitel, it comes across like a Tarantino parody. Poor.


17. Hobo With A Shotgun


The Film: The feature-length version of a fake trailer featured in the Tarantino / Robert Rodriguez mash-up, Grindhouse. Rutger Hauer stars as the titular hobo.

Tarantino-Esque Elements: An obsession with the trash cinema of the past, lashings of gore, a venerable old face in the leading role, lengthy, quip-laden monologues… how many do you want?

Does It Work: Taken as a tongue-in-cheek tribute to the trashy excesses of the past, it’s pretty good fun!

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