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20 Must See Horror Movies Of The Last Decade

25 October 2013 | Features, Film Lists | by David Zou

best horror movies last decade

Halloween is fast approaching and while making a list of the very best horror films would be an exceedingly challenging thing, I’ve decided to compile a list of the best horror films of the last decade. Since the early 2000s, the big screen has been graced with some very good, quality horror films, but they were overrun by all the garbage ones that pollute the screens. So I’ve done the hard work for you and have compiled a list of the 20 best horror films of the last decade or so. So snuggle up, turn on the lights and enjoy. Please note: horror movies of 2013 are not included here. 


20. Dead End


The Harrington family are driving home for Christmas when they decide to take a shortcut. Obviously, that turns out to be a bad idea. Picking up a mysterious hitchhiker is an even worse idea. Dead End isn’t a particularly original movie, and it does have a truly awful ending, but there’s something about its characters, its atmosphere, and the way it tells the well-worn story that’s really effective. And creepy, of course.


19. Insidious


Insidious uses just about every trick in the book to creep out its audience, and for some people, that might seem like overkill. There are lurking monsters around every corner; there’s a child in peril; there are wrong-faced nasties; and there are screeching violins every five minutes. On repeat viewings, the plot doesn’t quite hold up (halfway through, the film switches protagonists, which is baffling) and the comedy relief seems grating rather than funny. But the carnival atmosphere, the nods to silent German Expressionist films, the demon’s bizarre appearance, that dancing ghost… there’s something brilliant about it, nonetheless.


18. One Missed Call

One Missed Call 2003

One Missed Call is a parody of the endless string of soggy dead girl movies made in Japan at the time. But somehow it’s still really creepy. The premise is that, as the title suggests, teenagers are receiving missed calls on their mobile phones. The mystery caller leaves a horrifying voicemail: the sound of the phone’s owner screaming in agony. And since the call came from the person’s own phone, and appears to come from a few days in the future, it’s clearly a sign of impending doom. Sure enough, the kids all die just as the missed call predicted. There’s a nasty little backstory about evil little girls, and a bonkers televised exorcism, and generally, it’s a great film whether you love or loathe stories about scary dead kids.


17. A Tale Of Two Sisters


Part melodramatic family drama, part psychological horror, A Tale Of Two Sisters is all scary all the time. When a pair of sisters return from a mental hospital, having been traumatised by their mother’s death, they find their new stepmother difficult to adjust to. The nightly visitations from a blood-dripping ghost don’t help, either. But as always in these kinds of films, nothing is what it seems – you might need a second viewing to get your head round the ending.

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  • Mike Copp

    i love Let the Right One In but why did you omit Cabin in the Woods? its almost a perfect horror movie as well as a send up of the genre.

  • Rob

    Cabin in the Woods, Dale and Tucker, Human Centipede. You can leave Paranormal Activity off the list as it was horribly boring. THe only reason its on the list is cause it made money. You also forgot Chained, Antivirus, American Mary, Excision. THe most brutal and intense horror film of the last ten years is actually A Serbian Film. THe first horror film I had had a tear in my eye at the end. Brutal, honest, real and well acted, shot and edited. Definitely a hard watch.