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20 Movie Franchises That Ended Too Early

20 April 2013 | Features, Film Lists | by David Zou

All things are difficult before they are easy. This quote also applies to the movie business. In Hollywood, if a movie makes a lot of money at the box office, it’s easy and safe to make several sequels. If a movie does poorly at the box office, it never has the chance to make the second step, not to mention a franchise.

People always complain that there are too many sequels in the theaters, they never know there could have been many more. Here are 20 movie franchises that sadly ended too soon.


20. Lemony Snicket’s A Series Of Unfortunate Events


The Movie: Jim Carrey plays Count Olaf, who takes in three orphaned children – but only because he’s interested in their fortune.

The Sequel: Considering there’s an entire series of books under the Lemony Snicket umbrella, Paramount was clearly looking to set up a franchise. The film’s failure to hit Harry Potter-style box office success doomed it as a franchise, however.


19. Lost In Space


The Movie: An update of the ’60s TV serial, with Friends moppet Matt LeBlanc playing the hero who goes up against Gary Oldman’s smarmy villain.

The Sequel: Though the original tipped Titanic off the box office top spot, Lost In Space suffered scathing reviews and a lacklustre BO haul. So the idea of a sequel is aborted.


18. Super Mario Bros


The Movie: Bob Hoskins and John Leguizamo bring plumber brothers Mario and Luigi to the big screen in this rather colorful adaptation of the popular video game.

The Sequel: A sequel was planned for Rocky Morton and Annabel Jankel’s movie, but lack of interest saw it shelved. Meanwhile, Hoskins called the film “the worst thing I ever did”.


17. I Am Number Four


The Movie: Adaptation of writing duo Pittacus Lore’s first Lorien Legacies bestseller, with Brit Alex Pettyfer starring as alien-in-human-flesh Number Four.

The Sequel: A sequel was being prepared – an adaptation of second book The Power Of Six, but poor returns for I Am Number Four meant it was all but forgotten about at Disney.

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  • AndersonNic

    LOVE The Series of Unfortunate Events! Thought the movie was very decent as well; wish others would have felt the same way, it would have been cool to keep seeing how they would make the movies!

  • don57

    Add in “Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow”

  • WoWed

    most of these franchises couldn’t end soon enough. Although, i would have loved to see a Mystery Men 2…

  • tom riddle

    why oh why wasn’t series of unfortunate ate Events continued loved the books had a unique flavor to it. I would love to see them take it up sometime in the future.

  • tom riddle

    There wasn’t much to I am #4 apart from the visuals.

  • jayman419

    Serenity was a pale imitation of Firefly. It seems like Whedon had to water it down for a mass release. It even had sounds in space.

  • ghost ECHO sevn

    Author thinks Battlefield Earth was gone too soon? Really?

  • Robert Colontonio

    i kinda think the friday the 13th movies ended way too soon.

  • mrsatyre

    Most of these are terrible films, so NOT continuing them is a blessing.

  • Roxtaf

    it is a good think that daredevil ended, that mean one of marvels children came home, if only they all ended up back home so they one day can reboot with a massive all in one marvel universe !
    Serenity being number one makes more sence then most of the others on the list, and some of them makes no sense to be on the list what so ever to be honest.
    Battlefield Earth was a terrible movie for me, and any sequel i would likely skip