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20 Movie Characters That Just Won’t Be Killed

09 October 2013 | Features, Other Lists | by David Zou

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One of the golden rules(also overused cliches) of Hollywood movies is that some movie characters just won’t be killed no matter what happens to them. Heroes or villains, before one side kills the other, he/she must survive enough tough situations to get to the end.

So the audiences are used to the weird thought that if a character survives a disaster, a monster, a bullet or anything that is fatal, that’s not a surprise. The leading female character dies in the middle of Psycho, hey, that is a big surprise!

Let’s have a look at those death-proof characters movies have brought to us.


20. Lara Croft


Why You Can’t Kill Her: She’s James Bond with a D-cup. Trained in numerous defence arts, Lara can fight better than any man and isn’t scared to get physical when it matters.

If This Won’t Kill Her, What Will? Shadow monsters, bullet wounds, Pandora’s box, back-stabbing friends, the Illuminati… Lara’s survived them all.

Achilles Heel: Lara’s a total thrillseeker, and her lack of reserve when it comes to death-defying stunts could be the end of her.


19. Tang Lung


Why You Can’t Kill Him: This guy’s got style and grace. Using a combination of Chinese boxing and karate, his enemies can barely lay a finger on him – making him seriously difficult to kill.

If This Won’t Kill Him, What Will? It’s one man against the world, as Tang goes up against numerous Mafia enemies – and emerges unscathed.

Achilles Heel: Tang’s really a bit of a soft touch, so appealing to his gentle nature and befriending him first would get you close enough to slip some poison into his food.


18. David


Why You Can’t Kill Them: David’s an advanced prototype of a human, so convincing and realistic that he’s almost indistinguishable from every other little boy in the playground.

If This Won’t Kill Them, What Will? Spending 2000 years under glacial ice does nothing to David, as his search for the Blue Fairy takes him across the globe.

Achilles Heel: David just wants to be a real boy. Tell him that by ripping out his wires he’ll become one, job done.


17. Ripley


Why You Can’t Kill Her: Even death can’t stop Ripley. Having sacrificed herself in order to destroy the Alien Queen residing inside her, Ripley is cloned and brought back to life centuries later – now a cross of human and Alien DNA, making her even more powerful than ever.

If This Won’t Kill Her, What Will? Yeah, there’s the small matter of her actual death, but Ripley’s also survived an Alien aboard the Nostromo, as well as confrontation with the monstrous Queen.

Achilles Heel: She really hates those aliens, meaning Ripley could be lured into all kinds of traps if she thought there was a xenomorph in need of exploding.

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