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20 Most Hated Movies Ever Made

14 July 2013 | Features, Film Lists | by David Zou

most hated movies

Different from the “20 worst movies” list we made several days ago, this time the movies selected are notorious ones, the ones that you have probably seen and hated, the ones that everybody felt pissed off after seeing and couldn’t help writing “vicious” comments on. If you have seen any of the movies listed below, join the hate group with us!


20. Sex And The City 2


The Movie: Carrie, Samantha and the other two head off to enjoy/insult Abu Dhabi in a chick flick that is longer than 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Why It Was Hated: Well, the fellas would have hated it regardless, but even female fans turned on a show that had lost its bite for xenophobic cheap shots and self-parody.

Typical Online Review: “A horrible movie, with nothing to offer either than the envy of you being in adu dabi, honestly i should have never even entered the cinema room to watch this low acting, plotless piece of shit.” Pedro H, Rotten Tomatoes


19. The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen


The Movie: Alan Moore’s cheeky British spin on the superhero tag-team became a notorious disaster that drove star Sean Connery into retirement.

Why It Was Hated: Moore’s disciples sided with the cankanterous comic writer after he disowned it for sucking out the originality into a cookie-cutter blockbuster.

Typical Online Review: “This is the only movie that I can think of where after it ended, I was seething with anger at the waste of money and time on the part of myself and everyone involved in making it. No wonder Alan Moore refused to have anything to do with V for Vendetta (a phenomenal film) after this debacle. It’s not bad in an entertaining way, like Showgirls. It’s bad in a way that makes you want to claw your eyes out.” pleh, IMDb


18. Battlefield Earth


The Movie: Star/producer John Travolta uses his post-Tarantino cachet to make his dream project, an adaptation of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard’s sci-fi epic.

Why It Was Hated: Travolta’s hubris – he declared the film “like Star Wars, only better” – became a rallying cry to disparage a film of universally poor artistic choices, not least amongst them the hairdos.

Typical Online Review: “The end result is a product that is a real mess with almost nothing of value in it. It is relentlessly shoddy and I almost wish the ‘worst film ever’ hype would drop off just so that this film could slowly fade from our memory and be lost in time.” bob the moo, IMDb


17. The Wicker Man


The Movie: Neil LaBute remakes the British pagan-horror classic with Crazy Nic Cage taking on the role of the naïve copper first essayed by Edward Woodward.

Why It Was Hated: LaBute’s notoriously non-PC opinions turned the murderous community into a harem of harpies, the misogyny symbolised by a soon-to-be-infamous scene where Cage punches a woman while dressed in a bear suit.

Typical Online Review: “what ever you do do not waste your time on this pointless. movie. A remake that did not need to be retold. Everyone coming out of the theater had the same comments. Worst movie I ever saw. Save your time and money!!!” drummerofgash, IMDb

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  • merwanor

    League of Extraordinary gentleman, Hulk, Die another Day, SW Episode 1 and Indiana Jones 4 are all good movies.

    It is funny as I can’t even remember meeting anyone in real life who has said that they hate these movies, I guess it is just typical internet haters who do.

    • TheRoosh


    • Sherrie Ludwig

      I never read the comic book, so I thought “League” was OK, kind of B movie adventure fun. I recal “Constantine” was a movie that fans hated because in the original comic, he’s a Brit.

  • Adam02

    The Phantom Menace didn’t deserve the hate it got.

    • Barancy Peloma

      sure it did.
      all 3 prequels were awful!!

      • Adam02

        They were and still are fantastic! :)

        • Barancy Peloma

          incorrect adam. they were lazy as hell and lucas just threw crap together. the best and most thorough review of the prequels was done by red letter media. they go into great, specific detail as to why and i find myself in complete agreement with their analysis.

          • Adam02

            You people are delusional. I’m glad you found each other though. RLM’s review.. more like parody of PT haters.

          • Barancy Peloma

            the prequels sucked and you have lost.

          • Adam02

            Delusional and arrogant, typical trait among prequel haters. I haven’t lost anything. I love the prequels and couldn’t be more satisfied with them. It’s you butthurt people who whine about them all the time that has lost it. :)

          • Barancy Peloma

            in other words- you love the george lucas cool aid.
            you are probably a howard the duck fan as well. lol.

          • Elvis Samuels

            The 3rd prequel was pretty damn good but George Lucas himself said his movies are for kids anyways so it is what it is.

  • Barancy Peloma

    you could easily epand this to a top 25 and include all the star wars prequels as well as a couple shamalan’s other films like the village and signs. both those were beyond awful as well.

    • Ryan Barker

      people love unbreakable and Signs. but ok.

      • Barancy Peloma

        i didn’t mind unbreakable. however- signs was just awful.

  • John Taylor

    I am in the minority as I do not hate League, Hulk or Crystal Skull.

    • mjensen427


  • Allister Cooper

    Wicker Man may only be at number 17, but thank goodness it’s on this list. Though I don’t mind the others, WM was the absolute worst film of the 21st century’s first decade. And I thought Being John Malkovich was trash. Not that I have anything against the guy, but I hated that film and that bitch Maxine can eat shit and die.

  • MeMan

    The oldest movie on this list is from, what, the late 80s? This list is maybe the most hated movies of this generation, but “ever made” is an obnoxious hyperbole that makes the list feel lazy and uneducated. And even in this generation i feel like some important nightmares were left out, like the Evil Dead re-make before last, and such. Maybe it could be titled “Some Movies Some People Thought were Bad,” or “Movies that Weren’t Awesome.” But then, it would sound as lazy as it is, and probably wouldn’t get clicked on very much.

  • David Horgan

    X-Men is owned by Fox not Marvel. So they hired Brett Ratner.

  • killer3000ad

    You forgot to add the Max Payne movie.

  • Abz

    20 movies hated by nerds everyone else likes or doesn’t mind.

  • Ribelin2000

    How the fuck is Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull the most hated movie? It got a 65 score on Metacritic, which means that it got generally-favorable reviews. But I guess only the opinions of fat, loser fanboys count. The same people who bashed that movie probably thought Fight Club was the best movie of all-time! Who cares what they think?

    • Ribelin2000

      Oh, someone voted me down…I hurt some fanboy’s feelings. Forgive me. *rolls eyes*

  • chris murphy

    merwanor who have you been meeting with? Cant think of a single person who thinks Kingdom of CS is anything other than garbage. Monkey swinging? Really?

  • chris murphy

    Phantom Menace became a bit better with time. The 2nd one was worse.

    Jar Jar was the least of its problems
    If they could edit out that kid entirely it might be watchable.. Thats Lucas fault not the actor Jake Lloyd. JL just didnt give a sh t and wanted to sell Happy Meals.

  • Romeo Garcia

    Look..Highlander 2 wasn’t that bad,League of Extraordinary….wasn’t too…..but the other ones….EPIsODE 1 was a crapp (And i am a star wars huge fan)…Indy Jones was a big disapointment-Dude you have 60′s year old not 35 and make everyone believes that you can do that stunts???…Give me a break!!!..and the CGI cheesy effects??? no no…shame on you mr spielberg…..i forget and shia was the worst part!!!