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20 Disturbing Movie Scenes You Might Not Want To Watch Again

07 May 2013 | Features, Other Lists | by David Zou

disturbing movie scenes

Ever watch a movie and have that one scene that is so disturbing, so shocking, that you have to look away from the screen and find it hard to gather yourself again to continue with the screening?

Films today try harder and harder to push the envelope in an attempt to give us these scenes that will make us feel uncomfortable in our seats. Here are 20 most disturbing movie scenes you definitely don’t want to watch again.


20. Man Bites Dog


The Scene: While being filmed for a documentary, serial killer Benoit breaks into a house and rapes a woman.

Look Away When: He invites the documentary film crew to join in… and they do so.


19. Misery


The Scene: Crazed fan Annie Wilkes (Kathy Bates) ties novelist Paul Sheldon (James Caan) to a bed and pulls out a sledgehammer.

Look Away When: She ‘hobbles’ him by smashing his kneecaps.


18. The Human Centipede


The Scene: Three kidnapped tourists have had their kneecaps surgically removed and grafted anus-to-head in a centipede formation.

Look Away When: The ‘head’ of the centipede has his first bowel movement.


17. Audition


The Scene: Businessman Aoyama wakes up to find that Asami, the woman he’s auditioned to be his wife, has trussed him up ready for torture.

Look Away When: She jabs needles under his eyes or when she saws off his foot.

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  • Mark Harding

    The needle in the eye in the film Dead and Buried freaked me out. The tits with the meathooks in Make Them Die Slowly. And the fisting scene in Caligula.

    • Mita Widyastuti

      yeah, I watch The Killer Inside Me once and then I broke the disc into 2 pieces and throw it away..

  • David Dean

    Kathy Bates doesn’t hit Caan’s kneecaps. It’s his ankles with his legs spread by a length of wood.

    • timbit_queen

      The book is way more disturbing, for she chops it off with an axe then cauterizes it with a blow torch. The description in the book is soooo vivid that you could hear the metal against the bone. I don’t think anything I’ve ever read bothered me as much as that.

  • caca

    Jackass the movie.

    “The Scissor Paper scene”

    • Hiswakat

      nice scenes here

  • James

    I have to disagree with #1 …but not the movie, the scene. The head spinning isn’t half as disturbing as the jamming of a cross into her bleeding vagina…..

    • Alicia Marie Struck

      That’s exactly what I was thinking.

  • Corey R. Scales

    The captive in The Human Centipede that has their first bowel movement is NOT either of the women. It’s the Japanese man, whose at the front of the centipede.

  • JonesMatthew

    This list is missing the rape scene from Irreversible. Look away, when he bashes Monica Bellucci’s face into the sidewalk. That movie Irreversibly damaged me. Never will watch again.

  • Albert Hadenough

    wuss! :)

  • Lola Peters

    Pan’s Labyrinth scene where Captain Vidal kills both farmer and son by bashing their faces in with a hammer… Or he shot one and used a hammer on the other. I can’t really remember as I was only able to watch the movie once and I literally had to throw the DVD away afterwards. It was beyond disturbing how gruesome and too real the killing scenes were. Other than that, it was an amazing movie.

    • Rich Wainwright

      He used the bottom of the wine bottle. That’s up there on the list of “holy shit” moments I didn’t see coming.

    • WoWed

      He collapses the son’s face with a bottle, then shoots the father. The aftermath of the torture scene is far worse, in my opinion.

  • Matthew French

    The Eye, scene in the lift.

  • Keet

    How about Megan is Missing, either when the killer opens the barrel showing the body of a young girl who is decomposing, or during the rape scene from the killer on the second girl.

  • Paige

    Movie called Chaos. The entire movie is just…disturbing.

    One scene in particular: Woman is being attacked by a group of people, and is literally stabbed in the vagina. “She had two holes, now she has one”

    • Sam Silbert

      *budum tss

  • James

    the dead baby from trainspotting? that was one of the most disturbing parts ever, such a sad twist to a great movie

  • slaxxgurl

    not sure if you actually meant this to happen but, there, just sharing. :))

  • Nathan Falldorf

    What about one of the newer chainsaw massacre movies, when he pulls the skin off of a mans head. I literally felt ill and thought I was going to puke.

  • Michael Gluck

    Nope, sorry. The hardest thing I have ever watched, is the torture scene from Takashi Miike’s “Imprint.”

  • xsiouxsiesioux

    Hills Have Eyes. Can’t select a specific scene because my brain shuts down everytime I try to think of that movie.

  • disqus_wiZoguBnI6

    my #1: American History X. When Norton tears off the teeth of a robber against the curb.

  • Mita Widyastuti

    hey u forget when Casey Affleck beat the hell out of Jessica Alba’s face in The Killer Inside Me

  • David Bryan

    Requiem for a Dream should have been the part where Jared Leto shoots up by sticking the needle in the infected, festering puncture wound.

  • Keyser Soze

    Some of these are literally the best, most iconic scene in the movie.

  • Tony

    Wolf Creek – Character Liz’s spine is severed by Mick.
    High Tension – Severed “Head” scene.
    Cannibal Holocaust – Rape scene or impaled naked woman.

    Maybe someone forgot them.

  • Belmastor

    Casino. Aluminum baseball bats. That scene was hard for me.

  • Elzeenor

    I dunno but I’ve always thought the Exorcist was laughably stupid.

  • PrettyMuFINKa

    I’m absolutely shocked the scene in “A Serbian Film” where the main character unknowingly rapes his son & literally skull fucks the big bald guy w/ one eye.