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20 Greatest Superhero Movie Moments

21 August 2013 | Features, Other Lists | by David Zou

superhero movie moments

We’ve all got our favorite superheroes – is yours Batman? Or is it Superman? Statistically, it’s likely to be one of those.

But there are more superheroes out there, and more superhero fans. If you’re a comic book devotee, then you know the list of caped and/or tighted crusaders is almost endless. Only a tiny percentage have made it to the big screen, but when they do, they tend to make a splash.

Of course, we couldn’t list every single standout superhero moment of all time, and we may not have yours, but we’ll have a run at it and see if we can compile a top 20 list that you can begrudgingly accept as moderately valid.


20. Thanks but no thanks


As Seen In: X-Men: First Class (2011)

The Moment: Wolverine sends Xavier and Lensherr packing when they approach him to join the X-Men. “Go fuck yourself,” he says, amicably.

Why It’s Great: If you didn’t know it was coming, it’s the cameo to end all cameos! Brilliant stuff.


19. The vault


As Seen In: Thor (2011)

The Moment: Loki discovers that he is actually Laufey’s son, in this electric scene between Tom Hiddleston and Anthony Hopkins. Things will never be the same again…

Why It’s Great: Thor is jam-packed with action, but when the pace is allowed to slow slightly, there are some scenes that pack an emotional punch in there as well. This is one of them.


18. Calling card


As Seen In: Batman Begins (2005)

The Moment: Chris Nolan sets up The Dark Knight by having Lieutenant Gordon present Batman with a murder’s calling card… a joker from a pack of playing cards.

Why It’s Great: If this didn’t get you jumping out of your seat in the cinema, you probably don’t really like Batman!


17. Nightcrawler


As Seen In: X2 (2003)

The Moment: X2 opens with a superbly pulse-quickening set-piece that sees Nightcrawler infiltrate the White House to deliver a warning to the President.

Why It’s Great: Nightcrawler’s acrobatics get this superior sequel off to a rollicking start, and are the perfect way to introduce the new mutant to an unfamiliar audience.

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  • Akbal Itam

    Jack is dead…you still Jack Nicholson you joker

  • Fernando Yanmar Narciso


  • Pronk

    No dark knight rises moments? Only two spider man moments? Too much avengers….

  • Tash n Ty

    replace the one they have there for Jack Nicholson’s Joker with a different part in that film where the Joker pulls out his really big tommy gun

  • Doug Graves


  • Tenacious_EJ

    I’d put the Watchmen intro sequence close to number 1. I can watch that scene all by itself. If Dylan had released that song when music videos were huge in the 80′s, that would be the video. Also, no Hulk smashing Loki?!? List fail.

  • Zorrito Plateado

    Hulk smashing Loki (Avengers) *** MOS first flight with costume / Christopher Reeve Cameo (MOS) *** Iroman first landing with a former armor on terrorist terrotory (IronMan 1) *** Watchmen intro / Rorschach killing and death (watchmen) *** catwoman saying “meow” and exploting everything behind her (batman returns) **** Bruce Banner rejecting violet pants from Miss Ross (Hulk) and STAN LEE TALKING ABOUT RESPONSABILITY TO PETER PARKER in an ispirational nerd -i would love to be there- talk. (spiderman 3)
    As my hero Stan wrote many times: #nuff said!