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20 Great Slasher Movies To Get You Ready For Halloween

02 October 2013 | Features, Film Lists | by David Zou

It’s Halloween month again, dear readers, and that means it’s horror movie list time!

Last year, we gave you a collection of different lists for The Most Underrated Horror Movies You Have Probably Never Seen, The Most Popular Horror Movies Streaming on Netflix, Classic Horror Movies in Criterion Collection, and of course The Best Halloween Movies. You should definitely check those lists out for some great flicks to fill your frightful nights all month long.

But this year, we’ve got a whole new set of lists for you, beginning with the 20 greatest slasher films of all time. The slasher is one of the most prevalent types of horror movies around, and with good reason: it taps into the most basic fear of being hunted by someone trying to kill you (often for no good reason other than they’re nuttier than a squirrel’s nest).

It’ll be a real treat, so you better just clear your schedule from now until the end of October, because you’re about to be reeeeally busy being reeeeally scared for a few weeks. Of course, they’re all best enjoyed at night, with the lights out and some fresh popcorn, so be sure to set the mood right and invite some friends over, too.

And now, let’s get started with the countdown of the top 20 slasher movies!


20. The Burning


The Slasher Movie: Attention all horror movie denizens! You really must attempt to avoid burning people…it never ends well. In the case of The Burning, a caretaker at a summer camp (yep, another one) is badly scorched in a bungled prank and sets about taking his revenge with a pair of gardening shears.

Tom Savini deserves a mention once again for some truly awesome effects.

Coolest Kill: When the brilliantly named “Cropsy” bursts out of a sleeping bag and rams his shears through one kid’s neck. Surprise!


19. Eyes Of A Stranger


The Slasher Movie: Murder mystery meets full-on slasher in this tense tale of a journalist on the hunt of a serial killer.

Foolishly engaging her quarry in a game of cat and mouse, the hunter soon becomes the hunted as our heroine’s disabled sister (a young Jennifer Jason Leigh) finds herself in his sights. Mingling suspense with gore, it’s well worth a look if you can get your hands on the uncensored version.

Coolest Kill: Head, meet fishtank. Fishtank, head.


18. The House On Sorority Row


The Slasher Movie: Another sorority house comes under attack in this trashy ‘80s offering, only this time you could argue the occupants probably deserve it.

They’ve accidentally killed their housemother you see, but somebody knows, and they’re not in a forgiving mood. Ever wondered where I Know What You Did Last Summer nicked its plot from? Now you know.

Coolest Kill: Severed head in a toilet bowl. That’s all you need to know!


17. Sleepaway Camp


The Slasher Movie: Ludicrous dialogue, TV-movie acting, gore by the bucketload…Sleepaway Camp serves up everything you could ask for from a slasher movie and more as a collection of teenagers are picked off one by one at the eponymous summer camp.

Watch out for the brilliantly OTT twist at the end…who saw that one coming, eh?

Coolest Kill: A beehive is dropped into a toilet stall, causing the occupant to be stung to death. Horrible.

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