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20 Great Movie Screen Tests You Probably Have Never Seen Before

23 May 2013 | Features, Other Lists | by David Zou

movie screen tests

The screentest is the last hurdle an actor has to jump over before being given the role that could change his or her life forever. A nobody can instantly become a somebody, or an actor can just continue the struggle of looking for work. For most of the talented actors on this list, these auditions became their golden tickets to their most legendary roles. For the rest few, something was missing there.

Let’s take a look at some of the great movie screen test videos in which the stars brought their best to the table and finally convinced the casting director of their potentials.


20. Johnny Depp

The Test: Depp goes Chaplin-esque in these technical tests for Benny And Joon.

Magic Moment: The crazed smile Depp cracks after completing his Gold Rush-riffing dance of the bread rolls.


19. Gerard Butler

The Test: This might look like a joke, but Butler is auditioning for the title role in Dracula 2000. Spoiler: he got the part.

Magic Moment: The camp ending, as Butler glides backwards and falls asleep into what we’re guessing is an imaginary coffin.


18. Ellen Page and Olivia Thirlby

The Test: The Juno co-stars rehearse the lines that would make their names, hitting the rhythms of Diablo Cody’s dialogue so naturally it’s no wonder they got the parts.

Magic Moment: Page is outstanding throughout, but Thirlby trumps her with a delivery of a single word – “Gruesome!” – that captures the teenage mind’s mix of shock and boredom.


17. Hugh Jackman

The Test: Jackman’s read-through with Bryan Singer for X-Men isn’t as intense as a screentest proper (which might explain why, initially, he didn’t get the part!) but it gives a flavour the actor finding the character he’d become synonymous with.

Magic Moment: Jackman forgets his next line! See, it happens even to major stars.

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  • Steven Flores

    There is one screen test that I’m sure many people will want to see see but it’s not available. It’s Josh Brolin’s screen test for “No Country for Old Men” that was directed by none other than Quentin Tarantino and shot by Robert Rodriguez.