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20 Great Disney Movie Moments

30 August 2013 | Features, Film Lists | by David Zou

disney movie moments
It’s no joke that some movies meant for kids these days can bring even the strongest adult to their knees with emotion. It’s as though Disney has finely tuned their ability to tug at heartstrings and tell a compelling story.

Editor’s note: This list is composed of old-school Disney movies, which means Disney/Pixar movies starting from Toy Story(1995) will not be considered.


20. Wizard’s Duel

The Moment: Mim and Merlin “attempt to destroy one another” (in Sword In The Stone) during a wizard’s duel, in which they’re allowed to turn into any animal they like in a fight to the death.

Disney Magic: The transformations are seamless and hilarious. Not least when Mim breaks her own rule and disappears, only for Merlin to beat her to it by turning into an infectious disease.


19. Hercules

The Moment: “He was so hot, steam looked cool.” Hercules goes from zero to hero courtesy of this fancy little montage, which has him fighting giant boars and royally pissing off Hades.

Disney Magic: The Disney animation is at the top of its game here, with some great visual segues and split-screens.


18. What a devil

The Moment: Roger gets caught up in his composition, dreaming up a tune that perfectly describes the villainous Cruella De Ville. “If she doesn’t scare you, no evil thing will…”

Disney Magic: The dreadful human spider makes her grand entrance, and she’s every bit as hideous as you’d hoped.


17. Dumbo Flies

The Moment: “Think of Christmas, think of snow, think of sleigh bells, off you go” chants the musical score, as Dumbo flaps his wings, stirs up a cloud of dust, and then begins to fly…

Disney Magic: It’s pure fairytale in motion.

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