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20 Good Movies You Can Watch Over And Over Again

06 June 2013 | Features, Film Lists | by David Zou

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So many movies, so little time. Why do we continue to re-watch some of the movies over and over again?

Because when we watch those movies, we feel comfortable and we know there is zero risk this movie would suck, we can always find something new there, we are waiting for our favorite scene or character to appear on the screen. All in all, every time the cinematic experience is fresh and rewarding.

Here are 20 movies you probably have watched dozens of times, and you are ready to watch it again anytime soon.


20. Donnie Darko


The Film: Richard Kelly trippy time-travel drama is a real one-off, a film that aims for instant cult status and actually achieves it.

Why It’s Rewatchable: A film that takes several goes to properly understand, even without the pleasure of the genre mash-up between 1980s teen movie and hardcore sci-fi.

If You Only Rewatch One Scene: The moving, bravura Mad World-accompanied montage of the characters.


19. The Good, The Bad And The Ugly


The Film: Clint Eastwood’s third Western with Sergio Leone is his biggest bowl of Spaghetti – a pop-art mix of opera and oater.

Why It’s Rewatchable: A compendium of great set-pieces, tenuously linked by Clint’s cool and the wolfish wit of Eli Wallach’s disreputable Tuco.

If You Only Rewatch One Scene: The climactic triangular showdown in a graveyard, all extreme close-ups of suspicious eyes and Morricone’s music going crazy.


18. Terminator 2: Judgement Day


The Film: John Connor lives… and only a reprogrammed Arnold Schwarzenegger can keep it that way in the face of shape-shifting upgrade T-1000.

Why It’s Rewatchable: Cameron kept the timey-wimey head-scratching of the original, but this time had the budget to blow on bike/tanker face-offs and the mighty morphin’ T-1000.

If You Only Rewatch One Scene: Arnie’s definitive role gets an unexpected emotional kick as the climactic foundry battle ends with the Terminator committing cyborg suicide in the molten river.


17. The Matrix


The Film: The Wachowski brothers’ manga-infused dystopia brought the rhythm of ‘bullet time’ into Hollywood action.

Why It’s Rewatchable: An action movie with enough existential philosophy to have you pondering whether there is, in fact, a spoon.

If You Only Rewatch One Scene: The rescue of Morpheus, whose jaw-dropping invention remains undiluted even after all of the rip-offs.

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  • DLM Entertainment

    Oddly enough, I just watched Inception again last night. I think that was my fourth or fifth time. First BluRay on my new Smart TV and it looked fantastic.

  • geoffrey touretz

    Where is The Shawshank Redemption!!!!!!??????!!!!!!!

    • FrankenPC .

      There are hundreds. For instance I would probably have chosen Outlaw Josey Wales instead of The good, bad, and ugly.

  • Korabljenik

    Good list.
    My personal picks from this list are Terminator 2, The Big Lebowski, LotR trilogy, Airplane! and Star Wars.
    However, this list has one minor mistake – it wasn’t The Matrix (1999) who introduced Hollywood to the ”bullet time”, it was Blade (1998).

  • cities indust

    You forgot ‘The Prestige’

    • ÇℜΔÇK_ℵΙℵℑΔΔ

      No he didn’t

  • FrankenPC .

    Everyone has their favorites. But, using set theory, I think you showed the common overlaps that we all love. i.e. If you are in your 40′s then you have probably memorized EVERY SINGLE WORD of the Start Wars script.

  • UltraModerate

    No Goodfellas, huh? Surprising. That was the first movie I thought of when I saw this list. I certainly would not have chosen Donnie Darko, Casablanca, or Goldfinger over Scorsese’s masterpiece.

    • Iam_Sparticus


  • bri

    Some of the picks with Die Hard and Rambo.

  • DJRickyV

    #7 absolutely. Especially if you grew up in the 80′s.

  • Iam_Sparticus

    Goodfellas is the movie I love to watch repeatedly. Marty packs so much stuff in that film, it feels like 4 hours. The pace is unbelievable.

    • MrGJG

      That would be my pick.

  • John Taylor

    Some of the movies on this list I would not consider re-watchable. Some I haven’t even seen for the first time.

  • rhys rigby

    i would have put ghostbusters