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20 Best Chase Scenes In Movie History

21 May 2013 | Features, Other Lists | by David Zou

great chase scenes

The most exciting part of an action-packed movie is either a fight or a chase. Over a century of movie history, people have invented all kinds of chases as highlights of the movies, the most frequent type of film chase is the car chase. It is almost always between hero and villain, criminal and police, with more than a few vehicles involved in the most spectacular examples. The fast-moving scenes of the car chase very often feature high-speed maneuvering, crashes, and point-of-view perspectives to enhance the action and excitement.

Here we have 20 greatest chase scenes in movie history that will make you hold your breath for a while.


20. The Blues Brothers


The Chase: Involving the destruction of what feels like hundreds of cop cars, not to mention the Dixie Square Mall, this is a gleeful action sequence that also brings the funny.

Pause For Breath When: The brothers step out of their car – and it collapses into pieces.


19. Terminator 2: Judgement Day


The Chase: James Cameron ups the ante with his sci-fi sequel as three vehicles are involved in a thrilling chase – John Connor’s on a mini-bike, the T-800’s steering a Harley Davidson, and the T-1000’s got a semi-tractor-trailer cab.

Pause For Breath When: The T-800 launches through the air into the canal. If you look closer, you can see it’s a stunt guy, but that doesn’t ruin the magic.


18. The Matrix Reloaded


The Chase: Trinity attempts to evade two pasty-faced, dreadlock-haired twins by racing the wrong way down a motorway – and she’s not even wearing a helmet. Thrilling stuff.

Pause For Breath When: Neo (Keanu Reeves) swoops in and saves the day. It’s handy having a Superman on your team.


17. To Live And Die In L.A.


The Chase: Car-lover William Petersen’s Christmasses all come at once in this ridiculously awesome car chase, in which Petersen drives his Chevrolet the wrong way down LA’s 710 freeway.

Pause For Breath When: The bad guys escape, but Petersen’s resolve to catch them doubles.

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  • Danny Singh

    Dude…after reading all your lists, i must say you are just awesome.Each list is just so good and fun to read, that this site has become one of my favourites along with cracked and listverse. Thanks for all the lists and keep on writing, I am sure this site will be one of the best in coming times..cheers.

  • Jon Hironimus

    There’s a great car chase in a forgettable movie called Short Time starring Dabney Coleman. He’s a police detective who’s trying to die in the line of duty so his family can collect his life insurance. The car chase is the only reason to watch this movie. At one point, his car rolls down a freeway embankment, lands on its wheels, and he realizes his seat belt is on. So he undoes the seat belt and continues the chase. Check out the clip here: