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20 Awesome Movies That Need A TV Spin-Off

21 October 2013 | Features, Film Lists | by David Zou

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Sometimes a movie becomes so popular, we want a whole season of spin-off TV series instead of several sequels. Some movies are in the right genre, like horror, comedy and crime, which are perfect for TV series. Some movies just have those fascinating characters whose life we’d be interested in seeing more. Some movies can be updated to attract more modern audiences. Here are 20 great movies that are perfect for the small-screen.


20. Ghostbusters


The Film: Supernatural comedy from the Saturday Night Live school that made Bill Murray a star and made an enormous amount of money.

The Spin-off: A third film has been spluttering without starting for years, and a TV series would provide more space to introduce our new generation of Busters and still give room for the occasional cameo. The bottom line: it’s about funny guys in suits shooting ghosts in gothic New York.

The Cast: A mix of NY cynicism and SNL veterans: Jason Bateman, Bill Hader, Adam Samberg and, if it looks like it’s not getting commissioned any other way, Tracy Morgan.


19. Casino


The Film: Martin Scorsese’s last mob epic, a glittering look at the mafia control of the gambling trade in Vegas in the glamorous heyday of the seventies.

The Spin-off: A more focused look at the same period. We know what eventually happens to the main players, but the day-to-day management of the casino – relationships with the bosses, political movements, fights with rival operations – would lend a Sopranos-like complexity to events.

The Cast: David Strathairn would fit very nicely into De Niro’s role of Ace Rothstein, and Kevin Pollack’s go for Joe Pesci’s Nicky Santoro. Plus he can do an awesome Christopher Walken impression, should the situation demand it.


18. Fight Club


The Film: Searing end-of-millennium satire adapted from Chuck Palahniuk’s book, about the disconnected softness of modern living and a generation of angry young men channelling their vitriol into fighting and terrorism.

The Spin-off: A combination of two things: an aftermath for the narrator character (Fight Club is a film of many questions and few answers) which would also work as an opportunity to film more of Palahniuk’s wry leftfield takes on modern consumerist us (Choke, Survivors).

The Cast: Ed Norton is irreplaceable is the narrator – in our entirely unrealistic minds we’re pitching this as a 6-part HBO special with insanely high production values, so he’s actually in our price range.


17. Starship Troopers


The Film: Paul Verhoeven’s bawdy genius sci-fi propaganda, based on Robert A. Heinlein’s novel. It’s an intergalactic bug hunt, with the world transformed into a military war machine to fight our alien enemies.

The Spin-off: Unlike the existing animated series, we’re thinking live action Band Of Brothers In Space With Extra Gore And Over The Top Emotional Bits.

The Cast: Neil Patrick Harris and Casper Van Dien in cameo roles, and a new leader for the Roughnecks in the shape of Lucas Black.

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  • Belinda

    I think there is a great tv spin-off waiting to happen with Tucker and Specks from Insidious. The ending of Chapter 2 sets up the premise: Tucker and Specks, with the help of the now dead, Elise, investigate hauntings. Keep the creepy, make you jump moments that made Insidious so great, as well as the laughable bumblings of Tucker and Specks for those “now you can breathe” moments in the show. One hour of Tucker and Specks per week would really make my life!