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20 Awesome Moments In Awful Movies

10 October 2013 | Features, Other Lists | by David Zou

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For every great film that we see we all take away those great moments, the scenes that we will remember for years to come and look forward to seeing over and over again. Weather it is the end of Planet of the Apes or the “You talkin’ to me?” scene form Taxi Driver, even the greatest of films have their standout moments.

So what about bad movies? Could it really be the case that an average or even bad film could have no great scene? Not exactly. Sometimes a bad movie can have a scene so uncharacteristically good that it’ll make you wonder, “Why couldn’t the rest of the movie be like this?!” Here’s a look at 20 diamonds in the rough.


20. Doom

The Awesome: A brilliantly-realised first-person action sequence paying affectionate homage to the video game from which the movie takes its name. This could have been incredibly naff (see The Beach for a video game sequence gone wrong), which makes it all the more satisfying when it kicks ass!

Why It Couldn’t Save The Film: It could have been subtitled “My First Action Movie.” Half-hearted one-liners, generic action, meagre amounts of gore…all are present and correct to leave a thoroughly underwhelming taste of “meh” in the mouth.

If The Whole Movie Had Been Like It: We’d probably have been sick. It might be cool but it’s quite a jerky experience.


19. Staying Alive

The Awesome: “You know what I wanna do? Strut!” And off goes John Travolta, swaggering into the horizon as fast as his mega-tight jeans will allow him. Love them or loathe them, the Bee Gees have never sounded so cool.

Why It Couldn’t Save The Film: Stallone is behind the camera, and hell-bent on transforming Tony Manero into some sort of twinkle-toed Rocky. Needless to say, it falls spectacularly flat. Sly does dance-movie? No, ta.

If The Whole Film Had Been Like It: We wouldn’t have had to listen to the piss-poor script. Result!


18. The Devil’s Advocate

The Awesome: “I’m a faaaan of maaaaan” shrieks Pacino in full-on “hoo-ha” mode, as his cloven-footed smoothie shows his true colours. Overblown it might be, but you can’t deny it’s entertaining…

Why It Couldn’t Save The Film: Mumbling Keanu Reeves does his best to ruin every scene he’s in, so much so that the only ones worth watching are those in which Pacino shouts him down! So one sided is their double-act, it’s like the anti-Heat!

If The Whole Film Had Been Like It: Pacino’s voice would have given out halfway through. Even Al has his limits.


17. Terminal Velocity

The Awesome: A logic-battering slice of amazing, in which Charlie Sheen must drive a car out of a plane, get rid of the bad guy clinging to the hood (whilst finding time to give him the finger) rescue Natassja Kinski from the boot, and parachute them both to safety…through a windfarm.

Why It Can’t Save The Film: Sheen is on bog-standard “loose-cannon maverick” form, whilst big Jim Gandolfini is wasted in rent-a-villain territory. Basically, it’s a ludicrously camp farce from start to finish.

If The Whole Film Had Been Like It: The whole movie would be played out in freefall, complete with punch-ups and a sex-scene. We’d pay to see that!

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  • randell

    by definition if a movie has one good scene it can not be awful, bad yes a movie can be a bad movie and be filled with good or even great scenes. but the moment an awful movie has a good scene in it the movie is no longer awful

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  • Matt Zimmermann

    Really? Titanic? You’re still on the Titanic hate train? What is this, 1998? Get over yourself, next you’ll be talking about how Cocktail was an underrated classic.