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20 Awesome Low-Budget Horror Movies You May Not Have Seen

02 June 2013 | Features, Film Lists | by David Zou

awesome low-budget horror movies

Almost all great horror movies are low-budget efforts from independent companies with special effects made up from whatever is available from someone’s basement or garage. While these films often suffer from poor direction, horrible acting, bad lighting, insipid dialogue, etc., there are some very rare gems to be discovered in the slag heap, should one care to look.

Here are 20 awesome horror movies that made on the cheap but had big ideas.


20. Poultrygeist: Night Of The Chicken Dead


The Horror: Outrageous exploitation horror that satirises the fast food industry. Trapped inside a fast food restaurant, a group of people are targeted by zombie chickens that have been brought back to life by an Indian burial ground.

If It Had A Bigger Budget: They could’ve forked out enough cash to get JoBeth Williams and Craig T. Nelson to cameo.


19. Ravenous


The Horror: Most notable for its unique score (composed by Michael Nyman and Damon Albarn), this little-seen horror is a tale of cannibalism set in 1840s California.

If It Had A Bigger Budget: Original director Milco Mancevski may not have left production two weeks into shooting.


18. Satan’s Little Helper


The Horror: Visually inspired by Blue Velvet, this pop-hued, cultish horror is great for morbid humour and wouldn’t look out of place on your DVD shelf next your favourite ‘80s horrors.

If It Had A Bigger Budget: It would’ve received a cinematic release rather than going straight to DVD.


17. Murder Party


The Horror: Comedy-horror about a guy who attends a Halloween ‘Murder Party’, only to find it’s a gory experiment led by a group of nutty art students.

If It Had A Bigger Budget: The costumes would’ve been up to Hollywood standards.

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  • Jaytattoo

    The switchblade romance twist is totally implausible, and therefore shit. The rest of the movie rocks though.

  • Jeff Gallashaw


    Maybe if in Switchblade Romance she killed the killer and still took her hostage as her personal love slave or we find out she knows the killer and set the whole thing up so she could be a hero. Would have been a better ending

  • Jacki

    The so-called “twist” in Haute Tension (switchblade romance) was not “cool” at all. It was completely lame, was not supported by the rest of the plot and destroyed a decent film.