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16 Terrible Performances That Ruined Movies

16 April 2013 | Features, Other Lists | by David Zou

worst performances

Acting is an art. Just like a brilliant performance can lift a movie to a new level of greatness, a lousy performance can easily ruin the whole movie. Here’s 16 worst performances that should be largely responsible for the total failure of the movies.


16. Hayden Christensen – Star Wars: Episode II – Attack Of The Clones


How to ensure that George Lucas’ stilted and creaky dialogue is brought beautifully to life? Cast an actor who’s as wooden as a Trojan horse and about as charismatic as a sucking black hole. Where’s Harrison Ford when you need him?


15. Sofia Coppola – The Godfather Part III


Sofia Coppola was no stranger to the Godfather trilogy, she was cast in the first part when she was only a baby. Then she took the reins from Winona Ryder for the trilogy-capping Godfather flick. Sadly, Ryder’s absence was heavily felt as Coppola demonstrated that acting wasn’t in her blood. The final “Dad” is a line delivery of horrific proportions. She should never act and just direct only.


14. Halle Berry – Catwoman


To be fair, she had a truly horrendous catsuit to contend with. Still, Berry’s partly to blame, failing to capture the same sexy bad girl spirit that Michelle Pfeiffer so effortlessly conjured in the vastly, vastly superior Batman Returns. Anne Hathaway was also perfectly cast for this role in The Dark Knight Rises, so how could Oscar-winner Berry blow it totally?


13. Darren Ewing – Troll 2


This guy should get some kind of award. Not for being bad, of course, but for being so freaking entertaining that he completely ruins the rest of the movie because we can’t stop giggling. His mouth says “Oh my God”, but his eyes say “kill me”. What a Genius.

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  • Steven Flores

    Hey! Chris Tucker was hilarious in “The Fifth Element”. I also liked Kevin Costner in “Robin Hood” and Nic Cage was a fucking riot in “The Wicker Man”… NOT THE BEES!!!!

  • Vjetrovnjak

    - H. Christensen:
    Fair enough, but he was also badly directed

    - D. Ewing:
    ”worst performances that ruined movies”?
    Ewing’s delivery singlehandedly saved the movie! :-D

    - A. Best:
    Jar Jar is a bad character in every way.
    Best didn’t do a bad job.

    - C. Tucker:
    I’m definitely not bothered by his role and acting, in fact, I find it a guilty pleasure. :-P

    - K. Costner:
    ”odd British accent?”
    Then I must be deaf, cause I only heard his standard American accent.

    - D. Richards:
    Hehe, same as casting Tara Reid as an archaeologist in Alone in the Dark. :-D

    - O. Bloom:
    I think he did just fine, APART from the romance with K. Knightley.

    - N. Cage:
    Same as for the Troll 2 kid, it’s a performance that made the film watchable.


  • Jacob Kellogg

    I blame the director and writer before I blame any of the actors for Episodes 1-3. I mean I won’t argue in Hayden’s favor, but those movies sucked on many more levels than just acting. Funny list though!

    • James Thompson

      I agree, George Lucas is not a good director, nor is he a good scriptwriter. I watched the special features and Hayden was doing alright. Then Lucas would jump in and be like “You have to put more expression into it,” and it would end up sounding like the voice of a children’s cartoon character. Lucas is also responsible for the infamous “I don’t like sand…” pickup line.

      I think even the old Star Wars movies are disgustingly cheesy, but they seem to be everyone’s guilty pleasure.

  • JC

    I thought that Hayden Christensen was awful in Star Wars because of the poor written script, but then I saw him in Jumper and it was boring. The guy has zero charisma.

    And Chris Tucker was annoying as hell in Fifth Element but his acting didn’t ruined the movie, it was a decent sci-fi film.

  • disqus_pVdh2PtN8J

    this is one of the worst lists i’ve ever seen. not trolling just being honest.

  • Cordova

    Why did I read this?

  • Keith Harrison Allison

    Not sure I understand this. So many of these movies were bad to begin with, and the performances were more of an extent of the bad writing/directing. At the very least, the movies were ruined from the start, especially in the Catwoman and Star Wars cases.
    I do agree with Denise Richards and Sofia Coppola, though.

  • Greg Cox

    Go home, author. You’re drunk… With a few exceptions, all these movies were dog-shit regardless.

  • Michelle Thompson

    Sorry I have to defend Chris Tucker in The 5th Element. He was the most entertaining character, and the perfect opposite to Korban Dallas. Besides, Ruby Rod wasn’t in enough scenes to ruin the whole movie. I don’t blame some of these actors for being bad; most of the time it’s the material the actors are given along with a bad director.

  • WoWed

    As everyone has said before me, most these movies would be awful if each of these actors gave an oscar winning performance. They didn’t ruin the movies, there was nothing there to ruin in the first place.

  • Zachary Shelton

    In my opinion, i thought Halle Berry was hotter than Michelle Pfieffer in the Catwoman suit.

  • Robert Colontonio

    jaden smith Karate kid,jesse eisenberg in anything he does.

    • The Walking Cuban

      I like both really. Smith really got me on his side. I mean, a kid very much like my own nephews, targeted by Lil Bolo Yeung and the Crazy Eight? And then being trained by a mr. Miyagi Jackie Chan? And winning? With a move Guile would have been proud of? And eisenberg, well, I can see where you’re coming from. But I still like him, the social network amazed me for days. Zombieland is no Shaun of the dead though.

  • APrince66

    Umm, it wasnt the performance that ruined some of these movies. They were crap from the get go

  • Scott West

    Half of these are wrong. Go get a eye on whats good dude.

  • Matt Zimmermann

    Umm, sorry, Hayden Christensen in now way ruined AOTC…you can’t ruin a turd. He was no more wooden than Natalie Portman, Liam Neeson, and any other well regarded actor was in the prequel trilogy.

  • who what huh

    Like the Wicker Man remake wouldn’t have been absolute shit either way…Nicolas Cage’s performance turned it into one of the most hilarious unintentional comedies of all time.