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15 Most Insane Death-Defying Movie Stunts Ever Performed

14 September 2013 | Features, Other Lists | by David Zou


It takes a lot of bravery and foolishness to risk your physical well-being in the name of a crazy movie stunt. When it goes right, it can turn an ambitious action scene into a perfectly choreographed work of art. When it goes wrong, it can cost Hollywood actors and their respective stunt doubles a lot of broken bones — and sometimes their lives.

For us, the crazy movie stunts that work best are those that aren’t aided by misleading computer graphics or fake photography. For the people involved, they have the right combination of courage, physical strength and adrenaline to bring these acrobatic feats to life.

Let’s take a look at the cream of the crop when it comes to crazy movie stunts. Please, don’t try these at home.


15. The Spy Who Loved Me

The Stunt: Bond is attacked by Soviet forces as he takes a leisurely ski in Austria – all before the opening credits have even rolled.

Stuntman Rick Sylvester performed the entire thing after the Bond producers saw him doing a similar thing in a whisky advert. He was paid the princely sum of $30,000 for his efforts.

Do Not Try This At Home: One of the skis nearly tipped the stunt into tragedy when it knocked Sylvester’s parachute. Luckily he landed unharmed – close call, though.


14. Supercop

The Stunt: Sure, Jackie Chan is the master at physical danger, but Michelle Yeoh’s no slouch either, as she proves with this stunt.

A daring moment of flying machinery, it sees Yeoh launched off a road right into a moving train container.

Do Not Try This At Home: Just as the bike’s wheels hit the container, the bike spins off, and Yeoh (or, alright, her stunt double) pulls herself together. Dicey stuff.


13. Safety Last!

The Stunt: The death-defying act that Back To The Future paid homage to (when Doc’s atop the clocktower), this stunt involved skilled stuntman Harold Lloyd climbing a Los Angeles building in the place of actor Bill Strother.

Do Not Try This At Home: Nothing gets our hearts jumping into our throats more than that clock hanging moment of peril. Putting the danger of the situation into perspective, Lloyd had only a mattress below him to catch him if he fell. Safety last indeed.

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  • Suzy

    ‘Steamboat Bill Jr’ at no 11?Seriously?Nothing beats the front of that house falling on Keaton.It’s in the top 5,at least.

  • Guest

    Mission Impossible 4 blew the best high work out of the water….what are you smoking?

  • Scott Jenkins

    Except for the fact that Michelle Yeoh’s stunt double broke his leg during the stunt and it was actually Michelle who did it, 14 is correct! :)

  • McGygas

    Great list, i also remember the Friday the 13th part 7, when Kane Hodder (Jason) the ceiling falls on his body, hitting the stairs