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14 Fun Facts You Never Knew About Your Favorite Movies

29 April 2013 | Features, Other Lists | by David Zou

Do you know who voiced Thomas in Pocahontas? Do you know what R2D2 stands for? Do you know who actually drew the portrait of Rose in Titanic? Find out the answers here!


1. Do you remember this guy from Pocahontas? His name was Thomas and he was actually voiced by Christian Bale.

Pocahontas thomas bale


2. Ed Helms’ missing tooth in The Hangover wasn’t computer generated, it’s real. An adult tooth never grew in so he has an implant.



3. R2D2 is shorthand for “Reel 2, Dialogue 2″ that was used in George Lucas’ film American Graffiti. He liked the sound of it and re-used it for Star Wars.



4. The lead characters in Pulp Fiction were named Vincent and Jules…

Pulp Fiction vincent jules


While the lead characters in Twins were also named Vincent and Julius. Coincidence? Nope. Danny DeVito had been a producer on Pulp Fiction.



5. E.T.’s face was modeled after Albert Einstein, Carl Sandburg and a pug.



6. “Vader” is Dutch for father.



7. It was James Cameron who drew the portrait of Rose in Titanic. The drawing was auctioned for at least $16,000.

the portrait of Rose


8. In early drafts, the time machine in Back to the Future was supposed to be a refrigerator.

the time machine in Back to the Future


9. Gwyneth Paltrow played young Wendy in Hook.



10. Pumbaa was the first character to ever exhibit flatulence in a Disney movie.

Pumbaa Bows


11. Will Smith was originally approached to play Neo, but backed out to star in Wild Wild West instead.



12. Other what ifs? John Travolta was considered for Maverick in Top Gun, but his asking price was too high.



13. And Robert De Niro turned down the role of Captain Jack Sparrow because he thought Pirates of the Caribbean was going to bomb.



14. The Lion King was originally called “King of the Jungle” before they realized that lions don’t actually live in jungles.



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  • Bailey Bednar

    4. The lead characters in Pulp Fiction were named Vincent and Jules…

    um.. we actually do know that as they are the stated characters names in the movie.

    • Udulf

      The point with nr4 was the link between the movies and why the names were what they were.

    • ÇℜΔÇK_ℵΙℵℑΔΔ

      Some of us don’t actually remember the names of every character in every film we see