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10 Weirdest Movies You May Never Have Heard Of

03 February 2013 | Features, Film Lists, Guest Posts | by David Zou

If you are a fan of the perverse, macabre, abnormal and twisted then you have found yourself sitting comfortably in the Siskel& Ebert seats, first row in the balcony, for some of Hollywood’s “finest.”

Why you say? For your viewing pleasure I have undertaken the task to compile ten of the weirdest movies to ever hit the big screen. From sex to drugs to murder, and every last disturbing and demented shadow of the human condition filling the crevices of reality in between, here are ten movies sure to leave you asking questions again about what it is that makes us human.

1. Gummo (1997)


Based on Xenia, Ohio, watching this movie may convince you that Ohio wins the title for “Armpit of America.” Xenia, decimated by a tornado years ago, is a boring, atrophied and soulless town. The movie revolves around the lives of two young boys in the town who try everything they can to instill some vigor into their lives.

Besides hanging around with a skinny skateboarding kid who always wears pink bunny ears, Solomon and Tummler also kill the time by sniffing glue, cat hunting and engaging in various sexual escapades, including one with a mentally ill woman. This is just barely cracks open Pandora’s Box of all the freaky, depraved and demented characters that Solomon and Tummler encounter throughout their daily lives.


2. Tetsuo II: Body Hammer (1992)


A sequel to Tetsuo, the follow up has Iron Man undergoing violent, physical transformation that sees him turning into a cyberkinetic gun. A group of vicious thugs kidnap his son, sending Iron Man into a rage to rescue his son. In the process, the thugs capture Iron Man and begin to run medical tests on him, sending his cyborg transformation into overdrive.

The movie is grade B, maybe even grade C, campy cyberpunk at its best. If you’re a fan of weird Japanese psychedelic, techno horror you will enjoy this.


3. Salon Kitty (1976)

salon kitty

The protagonist Kitty runs a brothel in Nazi Germany. Soldiers visit to take the edge off, while an official plays big brother and records conversations throughout the premises in hopes of blackmailing Hitler and usurping power.

After the prostitutes are replaced with spies, the brothel takes a turn for the vulgar and macabre. The spies are trained to have sex with the most revolting men, in the most disgusting of ways, so that they have the willpower to seduce any foreign dignitary or Nazi official in any context.

The movie features plenty of nudity and falls somewhere between soft porn and sexploitation. It’s also considered one of the foremost examples of the Nazisploitation genre. If you don’t like to see the naked, human body fulfilling bizarre sexual perversions in all its 1970s hairy glory, don’t say I didn’t tell you so.


4. The Saragossa Manuscript (1965)

The Saragossa Manuscript

During the Napoleonic wars, a military officer finds an old manuscript in Zaragoza, Spain. An enemy officer tries detaining him, but ends up translating the manuscript, which happens to be the story of Alfonso van Worden.

The manuscript tells the tale of Worden’s passage through the sierra, covering various encounters with mysterious characters from ghosts, to Moorish princesses to a cabalist. The convoluted and fractal like nature of the movie will challenge you to keep a grip on it.

It’s a meta movie, or a story within a story. The movie gained critical acclaim when it was released in Poland and Russia, later to be trumpeted by Francis Ford Coppola. However, the movie’s greatest claim to fame is that it was supposedly the favorite film of Jerry Garcia. Might explain why taking LSD could help to navigate through the rabbit hole posing as a movie.


5. Intacto (2001)


This Spanish thriller follows the lives of four of the luckiest people in the world. Each person has experienced a dramatic, life changing event that has revealed to them an innate ability to nurture good fortune.

The film focuses on the concept of magical realism, as the four individuals find that their fates become intertwined in a most unlikely destiny. They get pulled into an underground trade that uses luck as a commodity. A series of tests and competitions determine who is the luckiest person of them all.

Imagine wearing a blind fold and sprinting through a forest as fast as possible. Are you going to hit the first tree? This is a fun movie that will forever leave you wondering just exactly how lucky or unlucky you really are.


6. Maniac (1980)

maniac 1980

Frank is a past his prime, out of shape Italian American loner living in New York City. He’s the landlord of a building, but unbeknownst to his tenants, he moonlights as a schizophrenic serial killer.

Frank is very passionate about stalking women in the dark, creepy crevices of New York City at night, killing them and scalping them. He then likes to return home and place the scalp on his steadily growing collection of mannequins. He plays a bit of dress up with the mannequin, as he begins sleeping with them for a few days, using the scalp wearing mannequin as a medium to communicate with his dead mother.

That’s only the beginning of his emotional issues. If you’re a fan of horror movies that have reached cult status, go no farther.


7. Pi (1998)


Max is a mathematical, computer genius. As typically is the case, he has a tradeoff for his gift. He’s a bit antisocial and quite the recluse. He spends the great majority of his time obsessing with numbers, mathematical formulas and patterns like the Fibonacci sequence for example.

In between furious bouts of number crunching, he’s afflicted with vicious, debilitating migraines. When he dares go out in public, he finds himself relentlessly pursued by Hassidic Jews and Wall Street suits. Both camps have sensed that Max is onto something much bigger than he realizes.

Unfortunately for both groups, Max has figured out that he’s discovered something too big to imagine. The discovery is so divine his head can’t take much more. Drill baby, drill.


8. Pan’s Labyrinth (2006)


Set in Spain, a number of years after the Spanish civil war, we learn about a young girl named Ofelia. Ofelia and her pregnant mom Carmen travel to meet Vidal, Ofelia’s new stepfather. Vidal is a malicious, vindictive Falangist, hell bent on eliminating every last anti-Franco rebel.

Ofelia has hopes of seeing her real dad someday and in the meantime discovers a labyrinth in the woods and a faun. Ofelia, already fascinated by fairy tales, suddenly finds herself in the middle of her own, personal fairy tale. The faun tells her that she’s already a princess, but that she must first complete three grueling tasks to prove her royalty.

The mission takes Ofelia through a fantastic world of mythical creatures, both magical and malicious. Take the Pale Man for example. The guy with the eyeballs in his hands is sure to deprive you of some sleep after you see this movie.


9. Altered States (1980)

Altered States

What do you get when you blend a university professor studying abnormal psychology, sensory deprivation tanks, indigenous Mexican tribes, psychedelic mushrooms and ayahuasca? Answer: some high octane weirdness.

Edward Jessup experiments on himself with the psychedelics as he puts himself in the sensory deprivation tank. He begins to undergo a form of genetic regression. Each time he exits the tank he introduces a new form. Something goes seriously awry when he comes out of the tank looking like a diminutive cave man that hasn’t seen the sun in months. Not a good sign that your experiment is headed in the right direction.

If you’re a fan of when psychedelic science experiments go haywire, then strap yourself into this descent into murky depths of human consciousness.


10. Crash (1996)

crash 1996

If you’re in the romantic mood, then buckle up for this wild ride exploring people who get turned on by car crashes. Yeah, that’s right, people who get sexually aroused from smashing cars. It’s a form of paraphilia, which is deriving sexual pleasure from objects or situations for example.

The movie goes over the top with sex and violence. Nasty car crashes, straight sex, infidelities, gay sex, even the suggestion a ménage a trois rounds out a lustful billing sure to satisfy everyone’s kinkiest desires. You’ll never second guess how a nasty car crash can launch you into a hotter and better sex life ever again.

Bio: Matt Thames is author and Brand Manager for,leading online supplier of HDMI cables.


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  • Steven Flores

    In that list, I’ve seen 4 of these films: Crash, PI, Pan’s Labyrinth, and Gummo. I’ve heard of Tetsuo, Maniac, Altered States,Intacto, and Salon Kitty.

  • SJHoneywell

    I’ve not only heard of nine of these (Salon Kitty escaped my notice), I’ve seen four and own copies of three (Pi, Pan’s Labyrinth, and Altered States). Intacto is the one I’ve seen but don’t own.

    Sometimes it’s hard for me to tell what’s known and what isn’t. To me, a film like Pan’s Labyrinth is something everyone has heard of and most people have seen. I guess I’m too used to talking to film geeks.

  • 365 moviesandsongs365

    I wasn’t keen on Intacto. Liked Altered States, Pans Labyrinth, Pi, Crash


    Where’s A Serbian Film?

  • Ezio Pap

    no serbian film? really?

  • Mark Harding

    David Cronenberg’s Naked Lunch? One of the weirdest ever.

  • napalmseth

    How about Eraserhead?