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10 Video Game Characters Who Need Movies

10 April 2013 | Other Lists | by David Zou

video game movies

Video games haven’t had the same renaissance in film that comic books have had. The biggest franchises so far have been Tomb Raider and Resident Evil, but they haven’t approached the success of blockbusters like Batman or Spider-Man.

We don’t know if it’s the character stories or the direction — or maybe it’s just the fact that we’re used to playing the characters not watching them play out the action on the big screen.

Either way, we still think that there’s hope for movies made out of video game characters. Here are 10 video game characters who we think need movies of their own:


1. Link from Zelda

LINK zelda

Just about everyone who plays video games has played some incarnation of Zelda at some point. We’d love to see Link fighting his way through Hyrule on the big screen, and we’d really be interested to see how they pull off the effects for the Master Sword and other magical elements.

We can’t think of anyone in the current Hollywood roster who could play him, so a newcomer would probably be the best pick.


2. Ivy from Soul Calibur

soul calibur ivy valentine

We think all female characters from video games might have to be relegated to CGI to come to the big screen. They managed to pulled off Lara Croft in a realistic way, but Ivy Valentine seems to defies the laws of physics in her outfit.

Nevertheless, she is  a badass warrior who will stop at nothing in her quest to find the cursed sword, Soul Edge. I mean, she’s the illegitimate daughter of an undead Spanish pirate — you don’t get more hardcore than that.

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