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10 Movies You’ve Never Seen Featuring Your Favorite Stars

25 February 2013 | Features, Film Lists, Guest Posts | by David Zou

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In every profession, people take vastly different paths before arriving at their final destination. It would come as no surprise to movie fans that some of the biggest names in film worked their way up the ranks to land that first leading role or that first inclusion on a Hollywood’s A-list.

So whether you are a true fan of Brad Pitt, have the hots for Angelina Jolie, fancy CharlizeTheron, or were curious to know if Sharon Stone can truly act, here’s a list of 10 movies with your favorite actors that you probably haven’t even heard about.

While none of the following movies come close to a Hollywood blockbuster, some of them are endearing enough to make you fall in love all over again with your favorite Hollywood star.


1. When a Man Falls, with Sharon Stone

When a Man falls

Sharon Stone will go down as the quintessential modern day femme fatale and will forever be remembered for her iconic performance as the cold, smart, and overwhelmingly sexy author turned killer in Basic Instinct.

A far cry from her provocative roles, her character in this little drama, about three friends reunited as their lives become increasingly desperate and dysfunctional,  is less than glamorous and a bit more human. Stone is convinced she’s losing her looks and finds no consolation in a loveless marriage to Gary (Timothy Hutton) turning to shoplifting for comfort.

If you’ve ever wanted to see if Sharon Stone can act, this might be a good movie to watch.


2. Mojave Moon,with a younger Angelina Jolie

Mojave Moon

Before Angelina Jolie stole every man’s heart with her portrayal of Lara Croft in Tomb Raider, she played a 20 year old vamp who seduces Danny Aiello in a flagrant, delicious way that only the future Mr and Mrs. Smith actress could.

If you don’t feel a sudden intake of breath when Angelina struts into the diner early in the movie, then you are not a fan of hers. While she’s not a major character, she has enough screen time in this bizarre little film noir taking place in the Mojave Desert to make it worth watching it.

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  • rll21579

    * in Basic, * actress could, * big career, * I want, * Brad Pitt’s, * Rourke became, * this moody, * follows Johnny, * Clapton SINGS not signs.

    I stopped reading the article at this point.

    Did you text message this article to your editors? Furthermore, they actually approved?

  • rll21579

    * If you’ve ever wanted to see IF Sharon Stone can act
    * Hollywood’s A-List
    * “The Wrestler” vs. The Wrestler one paragraph later (inconsistent punctuation throughout the article
    Learn the difference between a complete thought and a run-on sentence
    Learn when to use a comma, a dash, and a period.

    For God’s sake, step it up. You’re (allegedly) a professional

  • Mark Harding

    Another obscure little dity is End of the Line starring Kevin Bacon, Holly Hunter, Mary Steenburgen, Bob Balaban, Wilford Brimley and Levon Helm. It’s about 2 Arkansas railroad workers that hijack a train engine to Chicago to confront the railroad company owner about the closing of the yard they work at. Pretty funny film.