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10 Movies That Aren’t As Terrible As You Remember

26 April 2013 | Features, Film Lists | by David Zou

not so bad movies

There are so many movies, especially highly anticipated movies, that are remembered as wretched when they were merely mildly disappointing. They are “bad” because we compare them with other great movies of the same kind, or in the same franchise. If we view those movies individually, it’s not hard to find many of their virtues. Here are 10 movies that aren’t as bad as you remember.


10. Cutthroat Island


The Movie: When her pirate father dies, Morgan Adams (Geena Davis) inherits everything (including his treasure-map scalp) and sets out on a quest for treasure.

Why It’s Not That Bad: Before Pirates Of The Caribbean made pirate movies cool again, Cutthroat Island offered up just as much popcorn entertainment – if not more.

Yes it’s shallow and often preposterous, but it’s as frisky as a newborn lamb, leaping all over the place with entertaining distractions designed to keep you from realizing that the plot’s a shambles.


9. Spider-Man 3


The Movie: Tobey Maguire’s final swing as Spider-Man before Sony hit the reboot button. He goes up against Thomas Haden Church’s Sandman, New Goblin (James Franco) and Venom (Topher Grace).

Why It’s Not That Bad: Still a sore spot for many Spidey fans, Spider-Man 3 isn’t perfect, but it’s not the disaster everybody likes to think it is.

Yes, it’s got too many villains, yes Peter’s emotional transformation is atrocious and yes, it completely fudges Venom (a character Sam Raimi didn’t even want in the film), but if anything, that over-stuffed narrative is reflective of just how ambitious comic-book movies have now become.

Spider-Man 3 is basically Raimi going for broke, and though he himself admits not everything works, Spider-Man 3 is still web-head and shoulders above comic stinkers like The Spirit.

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  • Brian Sleider

    nope half that list is as bad as remembered. List should be called “10 shitty movies the author likes despite them being terrible”.

  • Bo_Crowder

    Whatever else, Brandon Routh didn’t deserve to disappear after Superman Returns.

  • pick up bart

    Just because you stand next to an ugly person, that doesn’t make you attractive. It just means you’re not as ugly as them.

  • merwanor

    Matrix Reloaded, Waterworld, Terminator Salvation and Alien 3 are all good movies, at least in my opinion.

    • MornLandazar

      The major problems with Alien 3 are:
      1. It actually looks a lot worse (in terms of visuals) than Alien and Aliens
      2. They killed off the only surviving characters of Aliens (except Ripley) – OFF SCREEN!

      • merwanor

        And still i think it is a good movie. Some parts of a movie can ruin the movie, but some are just small annoyances that you can let go of.

        For instance, the new Iron Man movie was ruined by one particular part that I will not mention here. But those two points you pointed out concerning Alien 3 are valid issues, but nothing that made me not enjoy the movie.

  • Devon Huerta

    People hate on Terminator Salvation a lot. I don’t really get it….I thought the movie was awesome. The action scenes weren’t bloody and gory, but they were very well done and pretty realistic. The little details of things like the “moto-terminators” backfiring, the nice scene of the Alice In Chains song, no unnecessary noises from the robots and the ones they do make seem to echo off the environment to give a sense of “Oh shit, this is really happening!” and not just part of the movie soundtrack. I thought Marcus’ character was well done…like some every-guy from our time thrust into this hellish future not knowing what role he plays in it. It’s not a big story advancement for the franchise…it kinda takes place in a awkward time before John Connor is universally regarded as a hero, but it’s a nice story anyway.

    • The Clone

      I concur, message is authentic.

  • TheFran

    Alien 3 really was that bad.. a disgrace to the franchise…James Cameron did ok with Aliens, but oh my did David Fincher screw this one up. At least it was better than the next one…

  • The Clone

    Yep yep, I agree with most of this list. I watched and enjoyed Waterworld again recently, always liked Alien 3, and Superman Returns was actually a very honest effort. Good call.