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10 Movie Sequels That Should Have Happened But Didn’t

22 April 2013 | Features, Film Lists | by David Zou

As spoiled audiences of Hollywood sequels, we always dream of a follow-up after watching a great movie. Sometimes our dreams didn’t come true, because sequels, as they are so common these days, still take a lot to make. Here are 10 movie sequels we desperately want to see, but due to a variety of reasons, none of them ever happened.


10. Mrs Doubtfire


The Movie: Robin Williams dresses up as a Scottish nanny in order to get close to his kids after separating from his wife (Sally Field).

Why It Should Have Happened: The sequel’s plot had Mrs Doubtfire returning after Williams’ daughter goes off to college. Sounds fun.

Why It Didn’t Happen: A decade after Mrs Doubtfire became a runaway family hit, Fox decided they wanted a sequel. Bonnie Hunt was hired to write a script. Robin Williams signed on. Then he opted out, saying the script was too weak.


9. Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me


The Movie: David Lynch steers his cancelled TV series onto the cinema canvas.

Why It Should Have Happened: There’s nothing out there quite like Twin Peaks. Sure, some argue Lynch over-played his hand, but we’d still kill for more Peaks action.

Why It Didn’t Happen: Fire Walk With Me was part of a deal Lynch cut to create a trilogy of Twin Peaks films. Sadly, most of the show’s cast refused to sign on and so the film alienated both fans and non-fans with a confusing redo of the Laura Palmer mystery.

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  • Ingvar Árni Ingvarsson

    “Robin Williams signed on. Then he opted out, saying the script was too weak.”

    Wow, if he said that then it must have been shit.

  • sjhoneywell

    The movie I most want to see a sequel to is The Incredibles.

    Master and Commander is a great catch, though. I’d have loved a sequel to that–the first was fantastic (and now I want to watch it).

  • James Tracy

    Not a horrible list, but most of these potential sequels would just be has bastard siblings to the originals. I’m happy they didnt happen.

    Furthermore, name an actually good comedy sequel. Mrs doubtfire or elf 2 probably would be horrible.