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10 Horrible Uses of Special Effects That Almost Ruined The Movie

31 January 2013 | Features, Guest Posts, Other Lists | by David Zou

In 2013 we are no strangers to seeing technology pushed to its limits in film. You can’t go to a movie without seeing some sort of technological addition. We are seeing a lot of great visuals from this technology but sometimes it takes a turn for the worst.

10.  Freddy Vs. Jason: The Caterpillar/Freddy Kruger Hybrid

FVJ Freddy caterpillar

While Freddy vs. Jason is really only a film that horror fans can appreciate, to an extent, there is no excuse for the horrid hallucination that occurs midway through the film. We see our raggedy group of pretty people in search of a magical dream suppressing drug when one of the characters gets left behind.  Being the token (pun intended) stoner in the group he of course takes this as an opportunity to light up and mellow out. What happens next is probably one of the worst forms a horror icon has ever taken on and that is saying a lot coming from this genre.

I can only speculate on what exactly Ronny Yu was going for with this formation. It comes off as a pseudo Hookah Smoking Caterpillar from Lewis Carrol’s Alice In Wonderland mixed with Freddy’s face but instead of being surreal and frightening it ends up being extremely laughable. This would have been an excellent reason to use animatronics but because of the CGI craze that was just getting started in 2003 the film makes a devastatingly hilarious mistake.


9. Let The Right One In: The Cat Attack

Let the Right One In

In the late 2000s the masses were enthralled by the idea of sexy dead people. It seemed impossible to escape the blood suckers in both television and film. The market was saturated and a good vampire film was hard to come by until the adaptation of John Ajvide Lindqvist’s novel, Let the Right One In, appeared. This Swedish film turned the entire vampire community on its head and brought audiences a more terrifying and uncomfortable look at the undead.

However, just because this film is one of the best vampire films of all time does not exempt it from the poor misuse of technology. After returning home after being attacked and bitten by a vampire this woman is greeted by her confused husband and, um, loving cats. We all know that animals have that super secret vampire radar so it is no surprise when her pets descend on her like the tasty sack of flesh she is. This in turn results into the most hilarious animal attack sequence since the monkeys from Jumanji. There is just no reason for this to even have happened! If it had been one or two cats there could have been some hope but there are at least 10 cats and NONE of them are believable.

The reason this is so unforgiveable is that the entire film up to and after this sequence is incredibly dark and serious. This entire sequence just does not mesh and was a complete waste of time and money.

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  • Chris

    Good call on these, especially that god awful monkey chase sequence. I think that goes down as one of my least favourite movie moments ever. I would also add in the CGI Neo from The Matrix Reloaded which crops up from time to time.

  • http://Website Bill

    I agree on the young Patrick Stewart CGI in X-Men–pretty bad– BUT, you mentioned that they just CGI’ed a young Stewart in there “instead” of paying the actor to be on set for that scene? –I might have read that wrong, so I apologize if Im stating the obvious, but that WAS Stewart in that scene…and they used CGI to smooth out the wrinkles on his face ( as well as Magneto’s face in some scenes )–so they actually DID throw enough money around to have the actor on set–but still managed to ruin the scene with CGI:(

    • Shawn O.

      When was Patrick Stewart in X-Men First Class? I remember the scene in X3 with Prof X and Magneto where they digitally make them “younger”, but don’t remember Patrick Stewart in First Class, where was he there?

  • Andy Wards

    God, it was X-Men Origins Wolverine that Patrick Stewart cameos in, not First Class.

  • J A H

    Logan’s claws when he first discovered them were bone. That’s why they looked the way they did. He didn’t get the cool adamantium claws till Weapon X. For someone who loves origin stories, you FAIL.

  • Zach Kosters

    ummmm that young patrick stewart was at the end of X-men Orgins Wolverine…not First Class

  • Sergio Martorelli

    Dude, the young Patrick Stewart was on the first Wolverine solo movie, not First Class.

  • Tyger Uppercut

    This was a decent list but you forgot one thing, X-Men Origins Wolverine was ruined all over. The CGI claws was just one of many unforgivable problems with this movie! Oh yeah, you probably already know Pat Stew was in Origins Wolverine & not 1st class.