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10 Hilarious Spoof Movies You Should Watch

27 August 2013 | Features, Film Lists | by Deseree Garcia

best spoof movies

Spoof movies, when you hear it, you already feel the torturous sting of such parodies like “scary movie”(from one to fifteen), “epic movie” or “disaster movie”. The post-modern era of parodies today has reached an impact where it changed comedy for the basic worse. But there was such a sweet time spoof and comedy was well-established so if you think of watching a classic parody, here are some recommendations!


10. Austin Powers


The Movie: Austin,a British spy who goes through all types of adventures and missions to bring his Nemesis-Dr.Evil- to justice.

Why it’s great: Straight from the mind of the creatively enthusiastic Mike Myers, this film is the most recent on this list and a movie that sparked major box-office successes (forget about the third one). These films poke fun at the outrageous plots, rampant sexual innuendo, floppy stock characters, the 1960s spy film cliche of the ultra-suave male superspy. This film parodies franchise men like James Bond, Derek Flint,Jason King and Matt Felm within its overly dramatic sequences, random song and dancing sequences, the cliche sexism and arch-villains. This film is full of laughs to (maybe) a point of insanity from showing ‘maybe’ James went too far and such major pop culture mimics and jokes.


9. Top Secret!


The Movie: Parody of WWII spy movies in which an American rock and roll singer becomes involved in a Resistance plot to rescue a scientist imprisoned in East Germany.

Why it’s great: This movie truly is another great work from David Zucker and Jim Abrahams team. In some scenes you will laugh so hard that you have to pause the movie, laugh for five minutes then play it again. Also, Val Kilmer does a great acting for his first movie! It’s usually overlooked, curiously enough, when talking about the great comedies, but there’s no doubt about it, “Top Secret!” IS one of the great comedies of our time.

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  • JoseSD

    Did you really call Airplane! “airplanes”

    • Arthur Mclaughlin

      Shirley, they can’t be serious!

  • Arthur Mclaughlin

    Honorable Mentions: Blazing Saddles, Black Dynamite, Galaxy Quest

  • Deseree Garcia

    What the hell is this? David Zou really edited and replaced half my honorable last article. I told you to replace the producers and silent movie. NOT four goddamn movies! Email me at for the real thing

    • sam

      Why? The Producers was great, jus saying.

      • Deseree Garcia

        I worked so much for the original “10 best original parody movies ” with praise to mel Brooks. And at the end David told me to take out some mel and put in some “hot ” spoof movies like “airplane! Hotshot! ” but I didn’t want to. Plus it was right before school so I was like “just edit it yourself ” I didn’t expect this

        • sam

          Good point. I also write some lists on here. You have to be careful with what you do. For example, the list is called Hilarious Spoof Movies, of course not the best spoof movies, although I think Young Frankenstein is outstanding anyways.

          • Deseree Garcia

            Yeah. It was originally called “10 best parody movies ” and it was a very incredible one. But this … is something else. Half what he replaced was spoof movies. There’s a big difference and I find that disrespectful but also because it’s my last one. And you can tell from my other articles how I write and this is “by David Zou ” written in all corners erasing my work

  • Coman_de_Guayaquil_y_Barcelona

    Omg . NOT ANOTHER TEEN MOVIE is not included in this list…. And at least one of the Scary Movie saga…. U lost it

  • MrDinsdale

    “Shaun the dead”? “Shaun the dear”?

  • Aroreiel

    I have never got the love for Monty Python. Obviously a personal preference. Airplane! and Shaun of the Dead would be my top two on this list.