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10 Highly Questionable Movie Details That Need Explanation

25 March 2013 | Features, Guest Posts, Other Lists | by David Zou

Cinderella meets Prince Charming. Mom switches body with daughter. Bella falls in love with Edward. Batman makes a comeback. What else is new? The same stories are being recycled repeatedly yet people still go to the movies.

However, the more movies I watch, the more questions I have unanswered. “How can she afford an apartment of her own when she’s broke?” “Why does he remember everyone except her after recovery from amnesia?” I know it’s just a movie but perhaps I am not the only one raising a brow in front of the screen.

Here is my list of ten questionable movies details that need further explanation:


1. Lab safety violation


Okay Gwen Stacy, cute skirt but you are in a lab. What if a hazardous chemical spills on your bare legs? This isn’t high school chemistry where students are amazed by Bunsen burners. This is Oscorp Industries where scientists research cross-species genetics. Can we be a little more serious?

Also, short skirt rule: skirt must be longer than fingertips. I wonder how she got an intern position in the first place.


2. Pro hairdresser


Mulan replaces her father in the army, trains in camp with a group of friends, and saves China from the barbarians. Not only is she a hero, a filial daughter, but she is also a pro hairdresser. What? She can cut her hair perfectly straight with a sword.

Looks like Flynn Rider who uses a broken piece of glass to cut Rapunzel’s hair needs some pro tips from Mulan. Just a reminder, ladies, don’t ever let a gent with a sharp object go near your hair…unless he is pro.

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  • DD

    About “Kung Fu Panda” – Po father’s grandfather WINS restaurant from that pig. The pig isn’t part of the family. The portaits only represent restarurant former owners

    • Li Chen

      Interesting, thanks for sharing! I thought Mr. Ping said ancestors but guess I’m wrong.

  • billmausart

    You actually CAN fry an egg on a rock…obviously you are lucky enough to live in a place with a pretty even climate, but I’ve had summers here that actually melted my TIRES, leaving a flat area of tread when the car was parked for a few weeks– and I’ve felt the heat come off the pavement ( and ROCKS) that are more than capable of cooking an egg. –and why isnt she sunburned, then?? ( or ME for that matter?) Well, other than the fact that shes a cartoon, she’s been walking through a whole lot of SHADE since they’re in a forest for most of the journey back…felt plausible enough I think. Not that it’s that important–just saying:)

    • Li Chen

      Where do you live if you don’t mind sharing? And do you get sunburns?

      • mnarvaez

        not necessary need to sunburn, I live in puerto rico and it gets hot enough for the pavement to vaporize water of small amount of rain. The thing is that dark colors hold heat better, that applies too to certain materials, pavement and some rocks gets hot enough to burn your feet if you walk on them, so if you’re not standing under direct sun light for long periods of time you wont get a sun burn.

    • Maarten Meuris

      Um, actually… the rock was just placed in a fire. The article is wrong.

  • red

    Kung Fu Panda- the geese win the restaurant from the pig. The pig is not actually related to them.

    Shrek- she put a rock on the fire and the fire heated the rock so she could fry the eggs. It wasn’t the climate or the sun that did it.

    Twilight- while I am not a twilight fan, if you read the books or watched the movie (which I am assuming you did because you are clearly writing as an expert on it) yes she ages. She will age very rapidly and then stop aging after seven years. She’ll look around Jacob’s age I believe. It’s just like the other guy in the movie who was a half-breed or whatever.

    Cinderella- the slipper did not disappear because it was not attached to her. If you will recall, the other one was still in her possession and that one disappeared at midnight.

    Spiderman- she was never in an actual lab setting. She was merely showing around the students, never actually going inside any of the labs. Later in the movie there is a scene where she has on different clothes for working in the lab.

    Did you do any research before posting this?

  • disqus_pFkwHNTQNZ

    for the twilight question read the damn book it ended much diffrent with a nicw little explenation on that

  • Cinthya Duarte Pasaguay

    jejeje i have a question… of twilight ¿why she marriage him?… i know it is a vampaire condition to be like that and all the stuff but it is until the death an he is not actually life

  • Adam-David Purnell

    You my sir are what we call an ‘idiot’ Terrible article. I was expecting to see something like, Why didn’t bardem just break into M’s flat at the beginning of skyfall and just *MASSIVE SPOILER ALERT* kill her then instead of a terribly plot holed plan?


    I didn’t really pay attention to this movie and I dont understand what Im writing about.

    And by the way. Enchanted, the cleaning scene, its called juxtaposition. Look it up.

  • basuperstar

    The most questionable movie detail you left out was how Brandon Ruth was allowed to play Superman

    • Li Chen

      Why not? He’s quite good look’in!

      • basuperstar

        lol no doubt hes a good lookin bloke but he has the acting ability of a plank of wood

  • Kady

    About Renesmee.. if you read the books (which you obviously didn’t) or even a summary it should have said that yes, Renesmee ages. She’ll be an adult by 7 years. I haven’t seen the last movie yet but by the sounds of that article they left out her aging fact that is shared by another Human/Vampire child from the Amazon that Alice and Jasper find as defence and proof vs the Volturi..

    • Amy Ross

      They have the other half vamp in the movie but the book explains it better

  • Kayla Andrews

    “Sunburn” comes from ultra violet radiation to your skin, not the temperature. This is why you can get sunburn in the wintertime.

  • Nasolo.

    why tf do you search for any logic in movies and toons??

  • Mia Pejinović

    Twilight – It is said that Renesmee will age until she’s around 18, then she’ll stop aging.

    • disqus_XUDmtM046t

      Can we all just agree that Twilight just doesn’t make any sense and someone should break Stephanie Meyers laptop?

  • Eulae

    IMO: I think you don’t have to question these things anymore, cause they are factors how the movie came to be.. And just like in an anime, in a movie, anything can happen depending on the director and the scriptwriter and everyone else behind those movies.. Let’s just all let it be and not be a smart-*ss ’bout it.. Cheers! ☺

  • saber333

    Po’s parents are actually pandas as well look it up. the bird found him one day in the back of his restaurant and took him in as his own.

  • Alexandra Jelly Murray

    For the Cinderella one, when she realises she still has the slipper on, she seems shocked then thanks the fairy godmother, suggesting that she wasn’t sure either but assumed the Fairy Godmother had allowed her to keep them!

  • Ethan Mak Daniels

    Renesmee actually ages at a substantially faster rate than she should. That’s why Bella goes through a mini-pregnancy and not a full one. This may be different in the film, as I refuse to watch it.

    On the note of Superman’s cape, DC doesn’t really answer it, but new publications suggest he arrives on scene in jeans and a S logo T-shirt when he needs to get to the scene fast like you said. He only wears the full suit when he’s purposely out and about as Superman. You can thank Grant Morrison for that.

    • Random

      The t-shirt/jeans outfit is when he’s first starting out as a hero. His new 52 armor is made of some kinda nano tech which allows him to instantly suit up; cape and all. It’s just the ‘S’ logo when it’s inactive.

  • Allen in BR

    Superman… He compresses it into a small packet with his super strength, similar to those cheap tourist and gaming t-shirts that come compressed into a disk or square packet and shrink wrapped.

  • disqus_XUDmtM046t

    Remember, Cinderella notices she still has the shoes and thanks her Fairy Godmother out loud for the keepsake?