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10 Great Thrillers You Probably Haven’t Seen

12 August 2013 | Features, Film Lists | by Jeffery Hunter

great thrillers

If you are a big fan of thriller movies and love to feel the thrill and danger, then we bring you the list of 10 Great Thrillers You Probably Haven’t Seen. This list incorporates the best thriller flicks that are set in the ordinary world but possess the thrilling and transforming elements that make these movies super adventures. Have a quick look:


10. Collateral


Number 10 on our list is a crime thriller featuring the handsome Tom Cruise with Jamie Foxx in supporting lead. This 2004 released American thriller written by Stuart Beattie revolves around a contract killer – played by Tom Cruise and Jamie Foxx when Tom makes Jamie his hostage in an exciting chase. This is a must-see for a major thrill along with praiseworthy performances by both Tom and Jamie. The movie is best for fast-action thriller lovers.


9. Insomnia


This one is a remake of a Norwegian movie of 1997 with the same name. The movie almost created a major pandemonium at the box office with its unbelievable psychological thriller story line, incredible performances and excellent direction. This American film revolves around two detectives investigating the murder of a local teen in a strange village where they both had to face and solve other mysteries.

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  • José Rafael Solis Corps

    Actually I’ve seen most of them. I will watch the 3 I haven’t. Great selection. :)

  • S. Calcranstinsonhilmontin III

    Jeffrey, Congratulations on keeping the spirit of David Zou’s presumptuous shitty articles alive. I had no idea there was someone as lazy as David Zou, you proved me wrong. Fargo and Dragon Tattoo on this list? Everyone and their brain dead Terry Schiavo mother has seen Fargo and Dragon Tattoo. I have a great article idea. 10 Lazy blogs for schmucks: Taste of cinema surprisingly places in all 10 spots. You people would seem a little less retarded if did not make such stupid assumptions about your audience.

  • Hans Richardt Kall Schmidt-Nie

    Great list and great movies, but why tag on the ” You Probably Haven’t Seen” ? If you like movies and thrillers I bet that you have seen ALL of those movies. Its not like they are extremely unknown or rare….

    • Jeff Hocker

      I think it’s likely a majority of people have missed out on some of these movies. I’ve seen about half on the list, and only Fargo (which is a bit too renowned for this category) is one that I think is absolutely fantastic. I’d have switched out some of the choices on here for sure.

  • Sean Pak

    Fargo doesn’t belong here. Not because it isn’t great but because it’s very well-known. The article itself says it was a hit. I can think of some other lesser known Coen brothers films that would be better choices.

    Also, Girl With the Dragon Tattoo? Really? A super popular book series. The most well-known Swedish film ever. There are tons of excellent Swedish thrillers that aren’t well known. Missed the perfect opportunity to highlight one of those.

    Lastly, how about Asian thrillers? A whole bunch have been made there.

  • Zach Benton

    All of these are great films, but the title is rubbish. 3/4th of these films are widely known, and have won major nominations, awards and acclaim.

    Frankly this article, seems like it was written by someone born in the late 90′s early 00′s who may not have the deepest well to pull titles from.

    Here’s a real list that pulls from over 4 decades of film, mixing sub-genres and there’s even a few hidden gems from popular directors on your list.

    “Repulsion” (1963)
    “The Laughing Policeman” (1973)
    “God Told Me To” (1976)
    “Black Sunday” (1977)
    “8 Million Ways to Die” (1986)
    “Dead Ringers” (1988)
    “Zero Effect”) (1998)
    “Ravenous” (1999)
    “Two Hands” (1999)
    “The Man Who Wasn’t There” (2000)
    “The 25th Hour”(2001)

    “Bug” (2006)

    Cut me a check and I’ll write you some thoughtful copy to accompany those titles.

  • nameless

    Worst. List. Ever.
    If English is your first language tell your parents to get a refund on your schooling.