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10 Great Deleted Movie Scenes You Should Never Miss

09 May 2013 | Features, Other Lists | by David Zou

great deleted scenes

A deleted scene refers to footage that has been removed, censored, or replaced in the final version of a film. Reasons for removal of a scene including running time, disruption of narrative flow, requests that it be altered.

We can’t see them in the original theatrical releases, but thanks to the invention of DVD/Blu-ray, we have the chance to watch them as bonus materials, sometimes they are even featured along with the director’s commentary, which explains why the scenes are deleted.

Most of the time, these deleted scenes are good(otherwise how would they shoot it in the first place?), some of them are golden. Today let’s discover these lost gems which would’ve improve the movie if they were not taken out.


10. Knocked Up

The Scene: “Who the fuck does Ang Lee think he is, man?” rants Jonah (Jonah Hill). He’s talking to Alison (Katherine Heigl) about Brokeback Mountain. “What am I, six years old? I can’t see a guy getting sucked off by another guy?” Oh my…

Why It Should Be Kept: Though Jonah makes some surprisingly salient (albeit X-rated) points about Hollywood’s double standards when it comes to nudity, this convo doesn’t really have much to do with the film’s plot. But it’s still comedy gold.


9. High Fidelity

The Scene: It’s not so much the content of this one that’s crazy, but more the fact that it’s crazy it was cut from the film. It’s one of the strongest scenes in the book, as Rob (John Cusack) goes to buy some records from a bitter housewife (Beverly D’Angelo).

Why It Should Be Kept: Probably they cut it because it was too much of a downer, as it offers a glimpse into a rather depressing future for Rob. Shame, D’Angelo’s fantastic.

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  • merwanor

    Number 2 is in the movie though, at least the extended edition. Then again there is no other version than the extended edition…. Watching LOTR theatrical version… who does that?

  • Mark Harding

    The consultation scene between Superman and Jor-el after Superman reveals himself to the world in Superman: The Movie is a terrific scene and I’m glad they reinstated it in the restored extended version. Why they took it out at first is beyond me.

    Another one is Michael and his father discussing about what to do about Sonny’s death in the back yard after Michael returns from Sicily in the Godfather. Added a little more chemistry between the two. It was reinstated for the inferior chonological Godfather Saga.

  • MDS

    That Magnolia scene was truly awesome, cant see why they removed it!!!