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10 Fun Facts About Hollywood Prequels You Might Not Have Known

25 June 2013 | Features, Other Lists | by David Zou

darth maul death

Monster’s University hit the big screen on June 21. Knowing Pixar the story is bound to be an endless supply of excellent animation and amusement for all ages. The film is a prequel that focuses on the backstory to the 2001 original, Monsters, Inc. Though Mike and Sully are the best of friends in Monsters, Inc., it’s not the case in the prequel. The movie promises to take us back to when the monsters first meet in college as they prepare for careers as scarers and will follow their path to friendship.

With the release of this Hollywood prequel, we thought it would be a good time to take a look at the prequels of the past. Some have been enormously successful, surpassing even the original in box office sales. But others, perhaps many, have left audiences feeling cheated with too little backstory, too much irrelevant information and a quality that just doesn’t fit the bill.

Perhaps viewers were most disappointed when they settled into the theater to watch Prometheus in 2012. Though audiences were led to believe the plot would give a backstory to the popular 1979 film Alien, it actually lacked a lot of detail and frustrated many.

The X-Men movies have been around for years, with several sequels and extra storylines to boot. But perhaps the most recent prequel saved the dying franchise. X-Men: First Class focuses on the dynamic relationship between Professor Xavier and Magneto, providing enough backstory and original action to satisfy superhero fans.

Check out this infographic to discover if your favorite movie prequel (or your least favorite!) made the cut.

Presenting the Past: Ups and Downs of Hollywood Prequels


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  • UltraModerate

    I’ve got mixed feelings about The Hobbit. It’s obvious that the three-movie saga is a Hollywood cash grab. The book could have been covered in one movie or fleshed out in two; three, however, is just bloating the story, and several of the scenes go on far too long.

    At the same time, though, I like some of the parts concerning the emergence of the Necromancer, which is actually pulled from parts near the end of The Silmarillion. A little more elaboration on evidence surrounding Sauron’s rise would be welcome, especially since the events to follow are already known. I wouldn’t mind seeing a few passages concerning the mythology of the Valar, either.

  • Korabljenik

    Wait, wait, I really don’t understand what you did with those box office numbers…
    For example, you said that The Hobbit earned over 1 billion, and that Batman earned around 500 million – that’s ok, those are the worldwide earnings.
    But for Prometheus (127m) and X-Men: First Class (147m) you only put domestic (US) box office.
    Why is that?
    Why not put the complete US box office, OR complete worldwide box office earnings?

  • Hippie

    The Hobbit. Worst Book Translation? You spelt “one of the best” wrong. Ever heard of Eragon or one of the hundreds of really bad Stephen-King films? Hell… Langoliers that gives me creeps. And it’s not the story I mean with that.