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10 Exciting Upcoming Movies For The Rest Of 2013

16 August 2013 | Features, Film Lists | by Deseree Garcia

upcoming movies 2013

In today’s time of film and entertainment, there will mostly likely be flops, glops and blobs. It looks “nice ” or “cool ” in the TV ads but you end up wasting over $15 for a movie only worth paying $1 for redbox to waste less time. It’s just an ordinary blockbuster action film or a messy flop of entertainment. Here are some upcoming movies that will most likely be worth the money and smuggled goods.


10. Don Jon


Release date: September 27th

Director: Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Stars: Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Scarlett Johannson and Julianne Moore.

Reason to watch: Joseph sets for the first time in a triple-threatening job of director, scriptwriter and actor. This is a comedy about a man struggling through sexual demons and porn. Until he meets two women (Scarlett and Julianne) who changes his perspective of his life. This is more of a film “you ” can choose to watch in theaters or not. But I’d give it a shot.


9. Gravity


Release date: October 4th

Director: Alfonso Cuaron

Stars: Sandra Bullock and George Clooney.

Reason to watch: A techno-thriller about two astronauts (Sandra and George) who’s space shuttle is crashed by debris. With limited air, they learn to depend on each other for survival. Sounds like a movie that will keep you on the edge and your heart rate up. This gripping anticipation on that will be saying a done deal in our eyes.

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  • Sam Silbert

    No Jackass? C’mon. I was excited for Her though. And The Hunger Games is an overrated peice of crap that was stolen from Battle Royale.

    • Armando rodriguez

      You obviously haven’t read the series.

      • Sam Silbert

        You obviously havent seen Battle Royale, which was released before the books even came out, leaving the author plenty of time to plagerize one of the finest foreign movies of the century AND MARKET IT TOWARDS KIDS. WTF ITS ABOUT KIDS KILLING EACHOTHER. I mean, I saw it and I know they dont get too graphic, but they should have made it a little more graphic and made it R rated so at least the younger kids arent watching it. Seriously dude. And I did read the books, all 3.

        • Matt Zimmermann

          I have seen Battle Royale, and I saw it back when you had to order bootleg DVDs from overseas to see any asian cinema, and I guarantee you that Suzanne Collins never watched a little known and hard to come by(at the time) japanese film before writing her books, so give it a rest dude, you don’t sound smart when you say Hunger Games is just Battle Royale, when it clearly is an allusion to Shirley Jackson’s The Lottery(let me guess, you don’t know that one do you?). Battle Royale and Hunger Games don’t even explore the same social issues…but reading the meaning behind these films is clearly too much to expect, yet you label BR “one of the finest foreign movies of the century”. But I get it, you’ve seen a movie that all these ignorant Hunger Games fans haven’t…you are so superior and well versed in foreign cinema that the mainstream just isn’t ready for.

  • Mr. J

    looking forward to these movies, but not so sure about jonze’s “Her”, it sounds to me like that big bang theory’s episode where raj falls in love with “Siri”.

  • thepoisonousmushroom

    Great……More jews

  • Dan O’Neill

    Plenty more where these came from, but pretty stacked list. Just gets me locked and loaded for what’s next to come!

  • MDS

    why isnt monuments men on the list?

  • Dann Albright

    Some good choices, but for the love of God, hire an editor!

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