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10 Awesome Cult Movies You Should Watch On Netflix Right Now

18 February 2013 | Features, Film Lists, Guest Posts | by David Zou

netflix cult movies

There are a ton of great cult movies available right now on Netflix. But where to start? No worries — we have your back.

We went ahead and slogged through all the cult movies to come up with a list of 10 movies well worth your time, and all of them are available right now via Netflix.


10. Clueless


A firm favourite with a generation of girls, Clueless follows impeccably dressed Cher and her pals Dionne and Tai as they go through the ups and downs of boys, high school, and fashion. The film features Paul Rudd in one of his first roles on the big screen, and also introduces Alicia Silverstone to a legion of boys.

What makes this film so cult is the portrayal of a 1990s extravagant teenage lifestyle, the amazing outfits worn by Cher, and the fact that it taught us all the names of a ream of designers. A must see for any budding fashionista.


9. Last Action Hero

Last Action Hero

Starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, this film isn’t necessarily one of his classics, but it does sprout a remarkable Arnie quote: “rubber baby buggy bumpers.” You try saying it out loud and imagine how hard it must have been for him to learn that line! The film is what every kid dreams of – being transported into their favourite movie, and follows Danny as a magical film ticket transfers him into a film starring Schwarzenegger as Slater, a maverick cop.

The film is largely satire, and pokes fun of the clichés in many traditional action films, and even features a great scene where the two worlds collide and Schwarzenegger comes face to face with his fictional self. A flop at the time, and arguably in the so-bad-it’s-good category, the film retained its cult status by spawning a slew of promotional material including a memorable video game.

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  • Mark Marianelli

    6. Clerks – Kevin Smith, not Kevin Scott;)

  • Steve Jackson

    Actually, Hobo takes place in the 80′s.

  • Brian Sleider

    List is old needs updated, Army Of darkness and Office Space are no longer streaming :(

  • Todd Fitt

    This is one of the worst “cult movie” lists I’ve ever read. What about The House Of Yes, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Death Hunt, or even The Last Waltz. Going through this was a waist of time for anyone who knows shit about movies.