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10 Actors Who Almost Played Superman

25 June 2013 | Features, Other Lists | by David Zou

actors almost played superman

Superman’s history with celluloid goes far beyond what eventually hit movie screens. Long before Henry Cavill became the Man of Steel, many others came close to playing Superman. So what happened to those actors who almost made it?


10. Ashton Kutcher


Who They Missed Out To: Nobody. Though Kutcher reportedly gave a “very, very good” audition for director Brett Ratner, he backed out, citing the Superman curse as a reason to stay away.

“I think there’s a bit of a curse behind that role – the things that have happened to people,” he said at the time.

“Also, I think once you’ve played that role then you’re just forever known as Superman. It’s kind of hard to play other things. I have a lot of other characters I’d rather play.”

If They Had Got It: Audiences would have felt like they were watching a special, feature-length edition of Punk’d.


9. Will Smith


Who They Missed Out To: Brandon Routh, though technically Smith turned the role down before Routh swooped into frame.

Said Smith at the time: “The last Superman I got offered, the script came, and I was like, ‘There is no way I’m playing Superman!’

“Because I had already done Jim West (Wild Wild West) and you can’t be messing up white peoples’ heroes in Hollywood. You mess up white peoples’ heroes in Hollywood, you’ll never work in this town again!”

If They Had Got It: He could have starred opposite himself in a Hancock Vs Superman smackdown event movie.

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