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Weekly Recap ( Mar 15 – Mar 21 ) : A Collection of Great Reviews and Lists

21 March 2012 | Weekly Recap | by David Zou

Tumblr Pic of the week

akira kurosawa yojimbo

Akira Kurosawa on the set of Yojimbo
If you are a Kurosawa fan,go to this tumblr blog,he is hosting a series of awesome Kurosawa pics


Films & Auteur Reviews

“In terms of what people tend to expect from Bergman, this one hits on all cylinders. “ - SJHoneywell@1001 plus comments on Through a Glass Darkly

“Its seemingly simple structure, gentle touch and light-hearted feel belie its profundity, and subtle yet exquisite observations. ” - Shubhajit@Cinemascope comments on Pauline at the Beach

“Made during the time Ray composed his acclaimed ‘Calcutta Trilogy’, comprising of three of the darkest and edgiest movies belonging to his vaunted filmography, it is no wonder Ashani Sanket too turned out to be one of his harshest and most disturbing films to watch. ” - Shubhajit@Cinemascope comments on Ashani Sanket (Distant Thunder)

“It’s inevitable with films like this that the viewer will compare the quality of each segment, but it’s only the films that hold together that are able to transcend this game. Night on Earth did that for me, not just because I enjoyed all five of the segments but because their tones are all so different that they are able to exist as pieces of a whole instead of just vaguely connected vignette” – Criterion on the Brain comments on Night on Earth

Summer Interlude is Bergman Beta, a rough approximation of the deeply spiritual and personal films the director would make later in the 50s and throughout the rest of his career. But that’s not to say that the film isn’t successful on its own merits.” - Criterion on the Brain comments on Summer Interlude

“A film as genial, modest and winsomely accessible as Il Posto could not be more refreshing or lighter on the palate.” - Dave@Criterion Reflections comments on Il Posto

“Of Powell and Pressburger’s earlier films, 49th Parallel is not just one of their most enthralling and absorbing pieces of cinema, it is one of the most fascinating war films from the WWII era. ” – Jon @ Films Worth Watching comments on 49th Parallel

Brief Encounter is one of those films that is concurrently a romance film, but perhaps even more, a brooding psychological study of relational torment. Lean’s film is probably the granddaddy of all the tragically transient love stories ever filmed, along with Casablanca (1942).” - Jon @ Films Worth Watching comments on Brief Encounter

“Haunting; a depressing but moving film about cruelty and circumstance” - Tylor@Southern Vision comments on Mouchette

“Never Let Me Go is melodrama at its finest. Without going overboard to territory that could’ve made the film be saccharine in what‘s expected in melodrama. ” - Steven@Surrender to the Void comments on Never Let Me Go

“ It’s a film that does a lot more to explore what it takes to go out there and kill the enemy while delving into the horrors of humanity along with way. In the end, Full Metal Jacket is an outstanding film from the late, great Stanley Kubrick.” - Steven@Surrender to the Void comments on Full Metal Jacket

“The movie itself is one of Johnnie To’s best and most interesting – one that eschews the gangster movie conventions for which the director is best known in favor of a crime drama/social satire that examines the current global economic crisis from a variety of interesting angles.” – Michael@White City Cinema comments on Life Without Principle


Special Mentions:

539. House – Criterion Affection

Why to read:

Great Illustration of Criterion films as usual


He Shoots, He Scores! #2: Three Colours trilogy – Southern Vision

Why to read:

Well,this guy knows how to put it into words


Blu-Ray Review: Accattone & Comizi D’Amore - Row 3

Why to read:

In case you are a Pasollini and MOC fan


Movie Quote of the Day : The Dreamers & The 39 Steps - Cinema Fanatic

Why to read:

You watched the film,but you may not remember these great lines


Top 10 British Films of 2011 – Top 10 Films

Why to read:

You need to check it out to find out which one you missed


The 200 Greatest Movie Performances Of All Time – Total Films

Why to read:

It’s epic



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