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Weekly Recap ( Apr 5 – Apr 11 ) : A Collection of Great Reviews and Lists

12 April 2012 | Weekly Recap | by David Zou

Tumblr Pic of the Week

Jimmy Stewart & Grace Kelly on the set of Rear Window

Jimmy Stewart & Grace Kelly on the set of Rear Window photo from: oldhollywood More photos here


Films & Auteur Reviews

” Boogie Nights is the film that put Paul Thomas Anderson on the map, and with reason. It speaks to his level of talent that his follow up films have lived up to this coming out party.” - SJHoneywell@1001 plus comments on Boogie Nights

“Elevator to the Gallows was a cracking and assured debut feature by Louis Malle, and a delightful concoction of American noir tropes with French sensibilities. ” - Shubhajit@Cinemascope comments on Elevator to the Gallows

“Like its predecessor, The Cranes Are Flying, Mikhail Kalatozov’s Letter Never Sent is one of the most visually stunning films in the Criterion Collection.” - Criterion on the Brain comments on Letter Never Sent

” Certified Copy deserves a place alongside L’Avventura and Last Year at Marienbad as one of the great cinematic mysteries in the Collection.” - Criterion on the Brain comments on Certified Copy

“What is indisputable is that Through a Glass Darkly still retains its power and status as a defining masterpiece of its era. The look, the feel, the aura it casts and its sincere willingness to maintain the somber tone from start to finish, with no winks of levity or self-deprecation, are (to me anyway) quite refreshing, small treasures to be cherished at face value, even though the potentials for parody are still so readily apparent.” – David@Criterion Reflection comments on Through a Glass Darkly

“La Ronde is a remarkable entertainment. Sly, sexy, and full of intelligence, it’s a great film from a great filmmaker.” - Jon @ Films Worth Watching comments on La Ronde

“Offbeat, offensive and original; a deliciously dark satire from Buñuel” – Tyler@Southern Vision comments on The Phantom of Liberty

“In the end, The Last Temptation of Christ is a marvelous yet haunting portrait of Jesus Christ told from one of cinema’s great masters in Martin Scorsese.” - Steven @ Surrender to the Void comments on The Last Temptation of Christ


Special Mentions:


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  • Shubhajit Lahiri

    Thanks David for the mention. And that’s a stunning behind-the-scenes pic you’ve begun the post with – Rear Window most certainly remains a terrific classic.

    • David Zou

      You are most welcome,Shubhajit.This is the perfect pair in Hitchcock films followed by Bergman&Grant in Notorious in my eyes.

  • Steven Flores

    Thanks man. BTW, I’ll be releasing my next Favorite Films essay tomorrow as I’m now getting started on the next one for next month.

    • David Zou

      Great,write one’s favorites is always fun,I will check it out.

  • michaelgsmith

    Thanks again, David. I’ve got a lot of exciting stuff coming up, starting with a review of the new Trip to the Moon blu-ray tomorrow.

    • David Zou

      You are more than welcome,Mike.Your blog is always full of exciting things.

  • Chris

    Certified Copy is a fascinating watch, and made my top 20 films last year. Look forward to taking a look at the review you link to, interesting to find out what features are on the dvd, thanks!

    • David Zou

      Thanks Chris,I’m glad you come back.I have a version of mk2 dvd of Certified Copy,but haven’t seen it yet.If you like the reviews I collected,you can check more here..

  • http://Website Ana

    I’m happy to read your blog

    • David Zou

      Thanks for stopping by,Anna.