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Top 10 James Bond Villains

09 November 2012 | Features, Guest Posts, Other Lists | by David Zou

james bond villains

When it comes to Bond villains there seems to be only three motives behind their actions, money, power and revenge, with the first two being the most common, although you could argue that some of them are driven to carry out their plans because they are uncontrollable psychopaths. Here we present what we think are the top ten most interesting, devious and ambitious Bond movie villains of all time.


10 – Raoul Silva


In the latest, and arguably greatest, James Bond film, certainly from the point of view of box office takings, Raoul Silva, played by Javier Bardem is driven by revenge and his target is not Bond, but M. In his mind M betrayed him when he used to work for the secret service and his plan is to humiliate her before killing her. Silva presents himself as a technical wizard and a master of information gathering which shows most of all when he escapes capture from a sophisticated MI6 holding cell. Deciding to go low tech, Bond breaks out the Aston Martin DB5 and takes M to his ancestral home, called Skyfall, in Scotland. It is at Skyfall where Silva more than meets his match when Bond eventually kills him by throwing a hunting knife into his back.


9 – Dominic Greene

Dominic Greene

In the second film to star Daniel Craig as James Bond, the main villain is Dominic Greene, played by Mathieu Amalric. Greene is driven by greed and is working on a bold plan to cause a drought in Bolivia by damming up the aquifers. The intent is to then help stage a coup d’etat after which he will sell water to the government at a massive cost. The plan is thwarted by Bond with the help of Camille Montes whose parents had been killed by the general who would have staged the coup. With the destruction of Greene’s desert base going on around them, Camille kills the general, while Greene manages to make it out. However, Bond catches up to him and takes him out into the middle of the Atacama desert, and leaves him with only a tin of motor oil to drink. Later on though, we learn that Greene’s body was found in the desert with two bullet holes in the back of his head.

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  • Steven Flores

    I’m going to see Skyfall on Sunday and will later make a list of the best and worst of Bond in the marathon post-mortem.

    • David Zou

      I have never expected Skyfall to be so well-received,the positive reviews are just overwhelming,looks like some of the cliches in it will make it to your lists,oh,you are making lists,fantastic,Steven!

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  • Pronk

    Dominic Greene has no place on this list. Whatsoever

  • G. Walker Teon

    please swap out Dominic Greene for Yaphet Kotto’s Mr Big!!