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Top 10 James Bond Movie Cliches

31 October 2012 | Features, Guest Posts, Other Lists | by David Zou


James Bond, otherwise known as agent 007, has graced the silver screen for more than fifty years now, being played by a number of memorable actors, including Sean Connery, Roger Moore, Daniel Craig, and a few others. It goes without saying that over this period of fifty years the James Bond movies have developed certain clichés that were followed from one picture to the next. Here is a look at the top 10 James Bond movie clichés which made 007 into what we all remember him for.


1. He Always Gets the Girl (Sometimes More than Once)

pussy-galore-007The best way to get close to Bond – girls

One of the main James Bond movies trademark may very well be the fact that he always gets the girl, well, apart from in A License to Kill and the ones with Daniel Craig. James Bond is a true womanizer, often even seducing the ladies who are working for the enemy, as it happens in From Russia with Love and in Goldfinger, where Mr. Bond goes after the aptly-named Pussy Galore.


2. How Did They Get There?


Blofeld’s evil lair inside a valcano

In practically all James Bond movies the villains always do a great job at making their lair in the most ridiculously inaccessible places they can find. For example, in The Man with the Golden Gun, the main villain, Scaramanga, lives on what is possibly the most secret and deserted island on Earth, where he actually had the time to build an intricate maze to chase his victims in. In You Only Live Twice, the villain Blofeld upped the ante and set up his evil lair right inside a volcano. However, nothing compares to what Hugo Drax does in Moonraker: he builds his lair all the way on the moon, where surely nobody will be able to reach… never mind, even the vacuum of space doesn’t stop 007.

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  • Steven Flores

    Yeah, Bond carries a lot of those cliches. Yet, they’re so much fun. It wouldn’t be a James Bond movie w/o those cliches. I await to hear Ben Whishaw say “Pay attention 007″ and “I don’t joke about my work”.

    • David Zou

      Exactly,those are trademarks of Bond movies,and we always expect to see those cliches in every new episode.I definitely look forward to Ben Whishaw’s version of Q!

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