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Monthly Archives: January 2012

I like the line in Make Way for Tomorrow which says:One of the pleasure of being old is you can pretend not to face facts in everyday life,so will you please let me pretend? Just like every stage of a man’s life,being old is as painful as the others.You have to face death,face the changed era and environment,face the fact… Read more »

31 January 2012 | CC Lists

We all know that Oscar Best Picture choices are not perfect,they actually suck most of the time.The most important reason for this “fantasy list” is discovering anything else great in the nomination list regardless of politics,PR,box office results etc. Below is my choice of the past 83 Oscar Best Pictures,and it is biased and totally  my taste.So if I haven’t… Read more »

25 January 2012 | Film Lists

R.I.P. Great Master                       Eternity Theme,from Eternity and a Day.The score I have listened over and over again.                     Eternity Theme Variation I   My fav Angelopoulos film so far: Landscape in the Mist,seen it twice,can’t forget those heartbreaking long takes.

24 January 2012 | Cinema Masters

Here is a brief introduction about Eclipse Series on Eclipse is a selection of lost,forgotten,or overshadowed classics in simple,affordable editions.Each Series is a brief cinematheque retrospective for the adventurous home viewer. The last few words “adventurous home viewer” interest me,I think there are 2 reasons Criterion call these people “adventurous“. First,the “overshadowed ” Eclipse Series are less known works of big  names… Read more »

20 January 2012 | Others

Speaking of making film dvds,nobody does it better than Criterion.But they can not release all the films ever made,so it is necessary to be aware of other dvd companies in other countries and regions. If you are a regular visitor of DVDBeaver,you might recognize some brands below,but I bet there are some you have never heard of.I will only give a… Read more »

18 January 2012 | Other Lists

Watching Criterion Collection dvds is a process of exploring.Explore people,explore themes,explore the unknown.Without it,I can never get familiar with so many director’s work and fell in love with some of them. Here is a list of directors whom I did not know well before I watched their works in Criterion and completely fell in love with after I finished all(most)… Read more »

15 January 2012 | CC Lists

You must have seen lots of reviews of this film, but this one is quite different. Today I’m going to talk about the fashion elements in this film, yes, FASHIONS. Speaking of Rear Window, few people will notice what great success it has achieved in fashion perspective, which should be attributed to 3 person: The first on is Edith Head,… Read more »

10 January 2012 | Cinema Masterpieces

Criterion Collection is art in every department,sometimes a beautifully designed cover made me buy it.Reading those backstories of the creating process is like watching a making-of documentary,very inspirational for those professionals and very interesting for amateurs like me.It is not easier than picking top 10 films in the collection,and this list only represents my very own taste of art and… Read more »

03 January 2012 | CC Lists