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20 Movie Deaths That Came Out Of Nowhere

20 June 2013 | Features, Other Lists | by David Zou

shocking movie deaths

While certainly no film inspires total indifference to the concept of death, there are still certain movie deaths that stand out among the rest, conjuring up the kind of sorrow or disbelief, or whatever you want to label it as, typically reserved for more personal losses.

Before we begin, I should mention that by “shocking” I don’t necessarily mean “surprising”. Certainly the death of Marvin in Pulp Fiction catches the audience off guard, but did anyone really lament his passing after he was gone or feel that the film was missing some integral component following his untimely demise? No.

Here are 20 most shocking movie deaths that came out of nowhere. Oh, and I’m sure it doesn’t need to be pointed out, but there are definitely spoilers ahead.


20. Zombieland


The Death Scene: Bill Murray dresses himself as a zombie in order to give Jesse Eisenberg the fright of his life. The plan backfires however, when a terrified Eisenberg pulls a gun…

Most Shocking Element: It’s Bill Murray! They can’t kill Bill Murray, can they? Oh.


19. Funny Games


The Death Scene: Having spent hours torturing both their prey and the audience, Paul and Peter take a bound and gagged Anna out on the family boat before casually tipping her into a watery grave.

Most Shocking Element: The fact that Paul’s expression verges on boredom as he snuffs out Anna’s life with a gentle push.


18. Pan’s Labyrinth


The Death Scene: Captain Vidal proves himself a rotter to the core when he shoots dead young Ofelia in the film’s final reel. He gets his as well, but that’s scant consolation really…

Most Shocking Element: His bottle-based battery of a local peasant is probably more brutal, but Ofelia is the heroine of the movie and a child to boot. For shame…


17. RoboCop


The Death Scene: Already melting to death thanks to a quick dip in a vat of toxic waste, Emil is staggering around like a drunk at closing time when he walks straight into the path of his pal’s getaway vehicle. Ker-splat!

Most Shocking Element: Extreme ickiness meets the element of surprise in one thoroughly stomach-churning package.

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